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Retail.Global: Business-As-A-Service E-Commerce Ecosystem

Offline retailers face some major challenges that limit their potential of reaching the world beyond their immediate environment and make a huge profit.

Technical Know-how

They lack the technical experience to make their business online. Since the adoption of the internet has boomed over the years, the internet has been seen to be a marketplace where retailers can easily reach an untapped market which is normally beyond their reach. Because offline retailers lack the technical knowledge to run an online business, they hire developers to help them. Developers or e-commerce managers collect a huge amount of money from the offline retailers to help them. This may not be the fault of e-commerce managers, as they also go through a lot (in terms of cost and processes) to bring all useful tools that the online web service need into one place. These tools range from adverts to payment options, delivery services, etc.

Huge costs and Language Barrier

Retailers (both offline and online) also face the challenge of boundaries. Their good and services are needed out of the country of residence because they sell at a very cheaper price. There is a great market opportunity for their business in other countries but they are limited because of their language, tax requirements, and regulations, transaction fee, delivery, etc. Consumers also face the risks of getting a worse quality than expected since they are transacting online. Because of this, they need a third party agent to serve as escrow.


For example a retailer who lives in Nigeria may face a lot of challenges sending his goods to another country (e.g. France) because of many limitations like language (the official language in Nigeria is English, while in France is French), border fees, taxes and other paper works which usually take a lot of time to complete. Getting paid is another challenge he has to look into. Sometimes because of the transaction fee (and other fees), the amount to be paid by the consumer may double the actual amount requested or to be received for various payment options. This forces the retailer to significantly lower the prices of his goods or services (to cover the huge fees) so as not to discourage the buyer who is in another country. Better still he may choose not to sell.



Retail.Global solves all these problems and challenges by presenting a platform that helps both offline and online retailers to be more efficient and available worldwide.


E-Commerce is the big market that changes the retail in all countries. Retail.Global unites all local and international e-commerce experts, companies and services to boost global sales for retailers and manufacturers. We offer a completely white label solution powering global sales for retailers and manufacturers. With Retail.Global Local Retail Becomes Global.


All in One

Retail.Global creates a platform for offline retailers to have their goods made available online through simple steps without a technical knowledge or experience. Retailers do not have to worry about integration of payment options, advertisements, etc. the platform has its own payment option (token payment) integrated already, advertisement plans and all necessary tools inclusive. It is especially good for retailers with distributed stores across the country. Retail.Global helps to merge account databases and logistics between warehouses and to the buyers.

Payments Made a lot Easier

With the aid of the smart contracts that are on the platform, both buyer and seller are made secure. Money is made secure with the smart contracts on the platform. The smart contracts automatically pay the seller on the delivery of goods after it has been checked by a third party agent for quality as agreed. This rules out the cost incurred with cross-border deliveries since fiat currencies are not used. The blockchain technology and smart contracts do not increase transaction fee because of distance.

The Worldwide market for all retailers – No Language barriers

Retail.Global makes available new markets to retailers (both offline and online) especially cross-border without restrictions. The platform has a multilingual functionality that helps to auto-translated into the local language.

Other Advantages of Retail.Global


  • The platform allows the automation of rewards systems for loyal customers with the tokenized system which usually requires a lot of attention and manual input before. The platform also allows retailers to encourage user review by enabling retailers to reward customers for reviews.
  • Retail.Global helps to provide analytics to retailers. Retailers can get analytics of their progress reports and help them in future modeling for more productivity.

Video Explainer


The token is transferred to investors within ten days after the completion of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The investors also have a special wallet to hold their tokens at ico.retail.global which is powered by Ambisafe

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