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SleekPlay: Content Monetization Reinvented


Advertisements have been the core of monetization for content creators and website owners today. Website creators or owners generate incentives through different advertisements that run on their websites.

I am a blogger (cryptostocksreviews) for example, and all I bank on to yield returns for the content I create on my blog are advertisements from google adsense

The disadvantages for Users and content creators

Advertisements on various contents have been seen to be intrusive and sometimes very annoying thus lowering the user experience (poor user experience). Users get fed up when interacting with interesting contents (articles, videos, games, etc.) and there come the advertisements.

A Necessary evil

Personally when I watch videos online or play my favorite games I get angry when almost out of nowhere there comes the advertisements. These advertisements are sometimes compulsory if I will continue to enjoy the content so I don’t have a choice. This sometimes wastes a lot of time which zaps my motivation or morale to continue consuming the content, sometimes I just abandon it when the adverts are too much. On the other hand, a content creator (blogger) I have seemingly no other way to be rewarded (incentivization) for the content I provide so I have to allow ads in my content

This has led to the user/consumer demand for ad blockers which is now integrated with many browsers. Ad blockers have been seen to significantly lower the profits of content creators or owners significantly.

Sleekplay – A solution for both Creators and Users



Our platform gives application developers a new way to monetize content and offer users incentives for contributing the computational power of their devices. Users can enjoy premium access, quality experience, unlimited content with complete privacy, and personal data protection at no cost whilst application developers generate revenue from the value of their user-driven contributions.


sleekplay rewards


Sleekplay is a cryptonote blockchain based platform and it operates on the principles of mining. Sleekplay uses the computational power of the users’ devices to help incentivize both the content creators and users themselves. This totally rules out the use of advertisements on websites. Through the blockchain technology, Sleekplay takes the advantage of blockchain computing to incentivize users’ computational resources. Through Sleekplay, the developers, content creators and service providers can get more value as people spend more time consuming their contents. Consumers will also be free of advertisements and earn for consuming contents on the platform since Sleekplay model rules out intrusive, boggling, and annoying advertisements.

Google Adsense Vs Sleekplay

Google Adsense uses impressions and clicks to incentivize content creators which are short-term and dependent on the number of clicks. But it has been found that content consumers or users spend more time-consuming content. Sleekplay uses the length of time a consumer uses to consume the content and the computational power of the user’s device to reward both the creator and the users. Users are given a set goal: to engage a given application for an amount of time and as they adhere to it, they are incentivized. This eliminates the use of advertisements to reward.


For Sleekplay powered applications, developers or creators are rewarded for every one million hashes generated by users, paid out every twenty-four hours. 70% is paid to the developers or content creators, 25% is paid to the users and 5% to Sleekplay platform.
Sleekplay also offers engagement rewards to users who surpass their daily goals. All rewards are paid SLP tokens.
Now I can rest assured knowing that I will earn as a content creator without the use of advertisements which annoys my users. Making my content available on the Sleekplay also gives me a guarantee of improved visibility as users who wish to earn will now visit and spend more time consuming my content which is the target of all developers and content creators. On the other hand as a consumer, I get to earn tokens for consuming contents. This frees me from intrusive contents as I earn spending time on contents that are Sleekplay powered – this is exciting.

Video Explainer


The token can be used to purchase in-app goods. This profits the creators and makes sure the tokens stay on the platform as much as possible, though it can be exchanged into other currencies.

For further information on Sleekplay, you can visit:






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