Barter Trades Reinvented: The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Version

Do still remember the old ‘Trade by Barter’ system? Human beings long ago are said to get what they need from others by giving what they have in excess when money has not been invented.

Why IoT Devices Threaten Cryptocurrencies’ security

Locking your doors, shutting the blinds and getting under your blanket doesn’t cut it anymore. As long as you have an internet connection, and you operate within the fair usage of the internet (at least), there is a chance of being watched, tracked and attached.

Interstellar: Bringing the Stellar Protocol to the Future

Interstellar.Exchange is a stellar based application that is built with a lot of features that has users at heart. Interstellar is built by FinTech Ltd.

Ironx: The needed Crypto Exchange

Ironx is bringing the parallel market of Cryptocurrency and forex to a platform for an utmost great experience for it users.

SAFE HAVEN is listed on Oceanex! This is big!!!

Safe Haven made a big decision- to be listed on Oceanex. Oceanex is a smart trading platform with Artificial Intelligence to help traders. The Artificial Intelligence studies the trading pattern of each user to give them suggestion subsequently. Trading is easy on Oceanex.

Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency Trading and Portfolio- AiBB

Hits: 236Artificial Intelligence has been seen to be man’s greatest aid for ages now. Through the AiBB application, trades can be done at the best market price. This is…

Charity on the Blockchain: Humancoin

Hits: 330Charity… Charity has been seen to be one of the marks of a good person in the human race. Many wish to be seen as good so they…

Dealjoy: A Trustless, Instant Commision and Cashback Platform

Hits: 300Dealjoy is a truly global innovation that wishes to solve problems associated with cashback platforms and affiliate marketer’s commissions.  As A Blogger Hi, I am Ayobami Abiola, and…

Exchanges For Cryptocurrency need to learn from Neluns

Hits: 450Exchanges that helps to change crypto to fiat and vice versa transact a lot of money each day for a business that is not taxable by the government…

Foresting: The True Social media on the blockchain

Hits: 181Foresting is creating a social media platform that allows content creators to earn from their original content as others ‘like’ their posts. Social media Since its inception, social…

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