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Tune – The right solution for Musicians

It is common to say that Everyone can sing but not everyone can be a music artist. There are many people who dream of becoming a renowned music artist around the world. Even I dream of singing to a large audience. They have the talent as lyrics and rhymes flow through their minds always. They dream music, talk music, and all things music. People around them couldn’t but notice their passion, originality, and talent – they call them music freaks.
But despite their great attributes, their dreams of having a career in music are truncated because they face some problems. Some of these problems are:

  • They do not have the right resources to do the music. The cost of renting a studio is very high and they cannot afford it. Mixing or producing the beat is another challenge which many cannot seem to overcome because they do not have the technical know-how.
  • Following through with laws that bind music production, entering a contractual agreement with other industry stakeholders can be a pain and complex, thus many are unable to go through. There are transparency issues in the present music industry- many cannot agree less to this.


Tune launches a platform that gives uprising music artists a chance to showcase themselves by providing them with necessary tools too truly set them on their career path.

Tune Company is a software development and management company primarily focused on creating blockchain based technology, smart contract design, and digital tokenized applications. Tune’s primary mission is to solve digital songwriter rights and royalty transparency issues for the music industry.


Tune and Smart contracts

Since smart contracts are like the normal physical legal bindings (contracts) only that it eliminates intermediaries (by allowing the parties involved to transact or agree) and it is self-executing. Tune will leverage the smart contracts and blockchain technology to help artists and all involved players to increase transparency. Smart contracts will be used in paying right holders. When all terms of the agreement in the smart contracts are met, the smart contract will automatically be executed to send payments in tokens to the appropriate individuals or players. This is a great help for artists especially, as there will be no complications and all intermediaries are eliminated.

Tune and RecordGram

Tune will also help artists with the right tools to set them on their career journey as a musician. Tune will allow decentralized applications (D’Apps) to be launched on its platform. RecordGram will be the first D’App on the Tune platform.

RecordGram is an application that provides music artists with the tools needed to make them great. It gives users a wide range of beats to help them make their music. These beats can be bought (presently) with fiat currency on the application. The RecordGram also allows users to be able to create songs and videos and share them.
But with the integration of the Tune tokens, RecordGram will include features like unlocking beats with tokens, tipping of artists by fans, curating songs, etc. with the integration of Tune on RecordGram users can have their content stored on the blockchain where it will be safe and transparently tracked. RecordGram is presently downloadable from the Google Playstore.




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