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DeNet: The Future of the Internet Through Decentralization

The inception of the internet decades ago brought a change of direction for the course of human history. Up to date seemingly no one can do without the internet. Take away the internet, then you take away humanity (it is as important). There have been exponential growths in the number of web pages available each day. And all these web pages need to be hosted on servers, they need computers around the world to store their data. It is not too safe to store the data of a website on a local storage. This is where web hosting service providers and cloud storage comes in. they help people to host their websites and store their data on their computers.

It is becoming more important for every individual to have his own webpage. This leads to increasing demand for web hosting and cloud storage services from capacity providers. But many do not consider the risks of data loss and leakages to third parties when utilizing cloud storage. This is a great risk especially for companies that handle sensitive data that can bring them down when unveiled, opened or accessed by competitors or hackers. Centralized data storage are susceptible to all kinds of attack, cybercriminals or hackers, virus especially when the capacity provider refuse to update security.
Those who rent cloud data storage do not use all storage capacity, so they are paying more than they are actually using.
It has also been found that the government censors all data storage centers and this means that privacy security for users is on the line.


DeNet is a decentralized network capable of handling data storage, website and application hosting in a secure way to prevent data loss and preserve the privacy of its users. Denet wishes to start by using a centralized model where capacity or storage providers are distributed all over the world and independent. After DeNet will launch into full decentralization with the effective use of smart contracts to select nodes which are adequate to solve or supply the need.
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DeNet, Hong Kong-based Company with a development back-office in Kazan (Russia), is an international provider company that is developing a decentralized hosting service and marketplace platform for data storage, based on blockchain technology. DeNet is targeting to build a new decentralized network for providing and leasing IT capacities for hosting, storing and processing data all over the world.

Some of the advantages that DeNet provides are:

  • DeNet significantly reduces the cost of renting cloud storage and hosting. Users do not need to pay for storage that they did not use, they pay only for used capacities.
  • DeNet secures data and privacy of the user with encryption, VPN, etc. They follow the Ockham’s principles that Do not make data entities without the need for them. Users can truly experience privacy and security through the network as their data are uncensored by the government and hackers (this is a great advantage of utilizing decentralization)
  • DeNet utilizes a strict rating for capacity providers in their network. There is no favoritism and no border limitation. Master nodes can truly be selected when the ratings are unbiased. With the use of smart contracts selection of nodes to be utilized will be automated.
  • Users can get paid to rent out their unused storage or computing powers

Token Details

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For further information on DeNet, you can read:






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