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Coinnup: Blockchain Powered Fintech and E-Commerce Platform

Cryptocurrencies Over The Fiat?

The blockchain technology has many advantages over the fiat currencies that cannot be overemphasized. Some the advantages are that it is more secure, it is fast, it has a reduced transaction fee no matter the distance, (which is good for cross-border transactions or payments), through smart contracts intermediaries are removed, it allows several projects to be built on it, etc. These advantages are the reasons why many people adopted the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies today. But the adoption of the blockchain technology could be greater than it is as of today if only the limitations of the blockchain technology can be removed. Some of these limitations are:

Inability to use cryptocurrencies in daily normal activities

Inability to use cryptocurrency for day-to-day transactions like it is dealt with the fiat currencies. For example, you cannot yet purchase groceries, pay for utility bills, credit your line with the cryptocurrency.

Just imagine being able to spend cryptocurrencies just like you spend the fiat currencies. You pay your rent in crypto, bills in crypto, etc. It will in no time make the fiat currency obsolete. The only ground that the cryptocurrencies have not yet conquered is the ability to be able to use it in our normal day-to-day transactions.

Exchange Complexities

Exchanging fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies, especially tokens which are not bitcoin or etherium, Is complex as one cannot buy any other cryptocurrencies directly with fiat. One needs first to change the fiat currency first to a dominant currency (examples are bitcoin or etherium) then convert to the desired token and if you wish to change the desired token to fiat, you need first to convert to a dominant cryptocurrency then to fiat. These processes take a lot of time and the costs are very high taking into consideration the long processes (there is a deduction of transaction fee at each point).

Cryptocurrency Ranking

Coin rankings are only judged by the market capitalization (or volume). When you check coinmarketcap.com the list of coin ranks are judged majorly by the coin market capitalization, this is good but not the best are there are other aspects of the coins that needed to be considered. There are many coins with much value and their uses are overwhelming but are not seen because people do not know them. People do not know these coins because they are not on the FrontPage of our ranking websites (which judges quality by volume).

Coinnup – The solution


The Coinnup ecosystem encompasses five core platforms: Crypto Exchange, Fiat central, B2B & B2C payment gateways, Debit cards and POS network along with the universal wallet. This ecosystem makes it easier to combine fiat and crypto in one single package and will streamline all the major components that drive the digital economy. We intend to take all the sophistication into the backend to offer extremely simple, portable, secure & technically robust platform.

Coinnup comes with a hive of solutions looking to change the story of the blockchain technology but massively increasing it adoption and use through the many solutions on the platform like id central (which takes care of instant identity confirmations), point of sale (which brings the cryptocurrency world closer to our day-to-day activities), fiat central (which helps to loosely, easily, and quickly convert any cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies), smart link, etc.

Id Central

coinnup id central.png
This allows the confirmation of identity in minutes which normally takes weeks. The user only needs to upload their photograph and government-issued identity. The identity will be linked with C-key which will act as password backup in case users lose access to their accounts on the platform. C-key can be used by users to reset their passwords, authorize trades and confirm withdrawal.

Point of Sale (PoS)

coinnup pos.png
The PoS service will allow users to be able to use their cryptocurrencies for their day-to-day spending such as buying groceries, recharging phones, buying shoes, paying utility bills, sending and receiving money both locally and internationally. The point of sale service will be used by retail stores, mobile network companies, government departments, E-commerce checkouts, mobile payment integration and API for day-to-day retail payments and other services offered by them. A user will be able to walk into a store or outlet which has coinnup PoS service, present his coinnup card and make payments.

Fiat Central

coinnup fiat central.png
This allows users to easily change their fiat currencies into their desire cryptocurrencies within ten seconds. This will cancel having to change into dominant cryptocurrencies before changing into the desired coin. This is made possible by the coinnup Swift Swap (CSS). This reduces the transaction costs spent on conversions and the time taken to complete a single transaction. The Coinnup Swift Swap is not just for converting fiat to crypto but also used for withdrawal of crypto to fiat.

Other Services of Coinnup are:

coinnup app

  • Smart link: To act as a bridge between user’s bank account, credit/debit card, and the coinnup platform. It also allows users to keep track of all their cryptocurrency balances.
  • Coinnup debit card: To help provide instant access to funds at any time.
  • Exchange: This allows seamless exchange of fiat and cryptocurrencies through matching and Trading engine, smart sync, Coinnup Swift Swap, Stop loss on Account, and multi-currency pairs.
  • Security: Funds are secured through multilayers of firewall protection.
  • Coinnup ICO launchpads: This provides tools and adequate help to upcoming projects for a successful ICO.

Token Details

coinnup token details.png

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  1. You could certainly see your enthusiasm within the article you write.
    The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like
    you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

  2. You could certainly see your enthusiasm within the article you write.
    The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe.

    At all times go after your heart.


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