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CHOZUN途赞 – Travel Experiences Made Real

Travelers and Centralized online travel reviews

You can begin to imagine what came to your mind when you wanted to travel on a business trip or holiday in a place far from where you live especially in a foreign country where you have never been. Thoughts that ran through your mind must have been:

What can I do? Where do I visit? Where do I go? I don’t want to get stuck or feel bored in a strange man’s land. I want to enjoy my stay fully in a foreign land. I want to visit cool places, right to my tastes and likes

All of these and more run through a traveler’s mind. These curiosities have drawn them to seek for answers online where they hope to get definite answers. Over the years, the sad stories have been that travelers have been misguided through irrelevant information and fake reviews they get from centralized destination bookings and related websites. It has now become the order of the day for travel experience providers to buy fake reviews online in their favor while buying negative fake reviews for their close substitutes. It is now possible for a man’s backyard to become a five star hotel because of fake reviews. Information that travelers find online are more of irrelevancies because they cannot get personalized recommendations with their likes and favorites. This is aside large fees paid by travelers for lies. They only get to know the truth after they have experienced the truth or reality, thus they feel betrayed.

A Viable Solution to a Lasting Travel Experience – Chozun途赞

There is no other solution than a platform built on the blockchain that focuses on connecting real people who are like-minded to share experiences and recommendations, ensuring security through a trustless system among a trusted group – Chozun途赞 is the answer.

Chozun途赞 is a travel destination experience, services & lifestyle ecosystem powered by blockchain & smart-contract technology. The ecosystem exists to make sure travelers are matched to the best personalized local experiences & services using proprietary AI & Data Science, allowing users to build loyalty across multiple verticals as well as globally. Chozun途赞 focuses on the millennial independent travel market and specifically serves China’s growing millennial outbound travelers.


Travel squad

Chozun途赞 connects travelers with similar interests (like-minded) with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data services backed by cryptocurrency. Thus helping users to quickly and easily locate, find out or discover local services and experiences that suit their desires. Chozun途赞 not only help users to discover but it helps to also book or reserve experiences through it platform as experience providers are also connected. Through connected peers of like-minds, Chozun途赞 helps users to create a Travel Squad which will constantly help users in guidance when they travel.
A travel squad on Chozun途赞 platform can be seen as a community of connected like-minds who share their travel experiences and challenge members through rewards system on the platform. Through the loyalty ratings on the platform, a user can be an influencer who give out rewards through travel squad member-to-member challenges.

Now when I travel all I have to do is to get connected to the Chozun途赞 platform. The Chozun途赞 AI and data services backed with crypto will help me find my crew (Travel Squad) through matching of interests to help or recommend cool places (local services and experiences) for maximum or lasting travel experiences. I have no need for hours and hours of online research based on fake reviews and indecisions, my travel squad can easily lead me.

Connected Experience Providers

Chozun途赞 also allows service providers- people who provide dining, private drivers, nightlife, experiences and more. As they offer their service on the platform, they earn CZN token. Users are also able to exchange loyalty on the platform for discounts.

Fake reviews and misguiding information Gone

Chozun途赞 only allows reviews from users who have transacted successfully with providers. This, thus ensures reviews are coming from real customers. These reviews are stored on the blockchain ensuring security and un-alteration of reviews. Through the application of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology, Chozun途赞 ensures users who have truly transacted and have experiences with providers are able to provide reviews. This will surely put an end to assumptions, fake and paid reviews.

Chozun途赞 Application

The Chozun途赞 application is available on Android and iOS. On the app, users can create their profiles. The platform uses their likes, preferences, and choices to match them with others who are of the same mind. This is done by the AI on the platform. The Application also allows users to search and book or reserve experiences.


The CZN token holders can earn more as they interact with the platform:
Loyalty which is meant to keep consumers rigid on centralized platforms can be exchanged on Chozun途赞 platform from peer-to-peer. These loyalties can be in form of the CZN token.
Tokens are used for transactions and purchase purposes- to book experiences and services,
The tokens are also used for rewards. Influencers can create journeys and experiences and exchange them for the token on the platform. Influencers can also set travel challenges for their Travel Squad and reward winners with tokens.

Explainer Video

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