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Enkronos Blockchain Credit System for Ethic Data-Driven Campaigns


“Enkronos Apps” is a powerful multi-application ecosystem for advertising solutions, marketing, gamification, AI, AR, IOT, big data, e-democracy and more. Applications will share a unified authentication system (SSO) that will facilitate interoperability and greatly enhance every data-driven project in a common cloud-based environment. Furthermore, they have a unique Credit Ethics System, thanks to the use of the blockchain. This is a real answer to the serious ethical issue raised by the recent case of Facebook – Cambridge Analytica.

Enkronos is a decentralized platform built on the blockchain that serves as a store to house several applications. Enkronos is like an app store where different applications can be downloaded.
On Enkronos platform, content creators (application developers) can see how people are using their applications (or the historical data of the number of logins). Third-party applications will be able to publish their applications on the platform. Enkronos is available from 15th May 2018. The main application types on Enkronos are Facebook applications, Android, iOS, Cloud, Google.

Some of the applications on Enkronos platform are:

Loyalty Venue

Loyalty Venue is an application for managing loyalty programs from one dashboard it has been released on the 21st April 2017 but it is available on the Enkronos platform on 25th May 2018.

The Application helps companies with promotional campaigns by providing templates which they can customize with their logos, images, etc. This will, in turn, cut the cost spent on getting promotional campaigns in place (in terms of setting up a website from bottom up, building responsive applications on the website, etc.).
On Loyalty Venue, customers can easily come and register on the created loyalty program, check their current points or balance. Customers who have participated in a company’s loyalty campaign can order their desired prizes with their earned points or balance.

These loyalty campaigns can also be used to encourage or motivate employees to do their work better as promotional campaigns can include tasks for employees to complete and earn points which can be redeemed for the desired prize.

In my own opinion, this is a great aide to companies and organizations who wish to increase their traction in terms of popularity and effectiveness as periodic promotions or loyalty campaigns are the keys. Companies spend too much to set up campaigns like these, and since they know the importance, they have to incur even if it means increasing the cost of their product. Loyalty Venue will help to significantly cut these costs while improving on traditional loyalty programs with a cutting-edge interface for customers, employees or campaign participants to keep track of their rewards. Not only that, participants in a loyalty campaign, get the freedom to choose which prize he wants.

Contest Dream

Contest Dream allows users to manage contests of different types and modes. These contests and/or promotions are implemented or embedded into the user’s website. Users can define the types of promotion they want to run (Promotions can be targeted to a certain region). The dashboard for the contest runner allows him to sort promotions by region, date, type, etc.
Contest Dream allows users to run different promotions from a single dashboard. Some of the promotion types present on this platform are the instant win, sweepstakes, a contest with jury, etc.
Contest Dream has been released on the 31st January 2016 but available on the Enkronos platform on the 15th May 2018.

Feel Grid

Released on 5th May 2017 and will be available on Enkronos on 30th November 2018.
Feel Grid helps to manage and give data life through the internet of things. It makes the monitoring of a wide range of data very easy. It has applications in different sectors like Vineyard Management, Agritech, Air Pollution, Water Management, etc.

In Agritech, Feel Grid helps in the automation of some processes like irrigation, fertilization systems and automation of agricultural machinery to reduce manual intervention. This will help to improve the quality and quantity of crops produced (yield), it will also help to improve the real-time monitoring of breeding farms, animals, and machines, etc.

This is a cutting-edge application to help farmers who have a large farm to keep track and monitor all operations on the farm in real-time. Without this kind of technology, large-scale farmers may never be able to effectively monitor the progress on their farms even with many workers under them.

Other Applications on Enkronos are:

  • McAudience: The First version to be released on Enkronos on 31st July 2018
  • Your Gamify First version released on Enkronos on 31st May 2018
  • Sweet.io
  • CryptoState


ENK is an ERC20 compatible token on Enkronos to be used in all transactions on the platform example for premium purchase, access fee, etc.

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