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Liqnet: The Cryptocurrency Unifier

Liqnet seeks to put an end to the liquidity challenge of the cryptocurrency universe by uniting the exchanges and allowing all trading positions into an order book where buyers or sellers can choose from all through the LEN technology.

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The Blockchain Technology and Cryptographic Currencies

The blockchain technology and the cryptographic currency have gained a lot of grounds in the past few years due to the exploding or wide applications in different sectors. The blockchain has come to affect lives through the benefits it provides.

  • In health, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are now built on the blockchain to help speed up the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence in treating patients.
  • In legal fields the smart contracts (which came through the blockchain technology) is used to eliminate all intermediaries and make parties involved to come to terms directly.
  • In finance, fintechs (financial Technologies) has known a great forward push through the cryptographic currencies (cryptocurrencies) as it helps to complete payments as fast as possible with low fees no matter the distance, the blockchain also helps in transparency as all payments made with same are visible to all and cannot be altered or deleted.
  • Security of data over the blockchain technology has made it more useful for government bodies, big corporations, etc. The blockchain technology helps to keep files saved on it secured in a decentralized system. This means that each file saved are split and each part is stored in different locations around the world thus out of reach for hackers or virus.

The blockchain is evolving and as it is known, the way through which transactions are completed is through the cryptocurrencies. As some said the blockchain is still in its infancy.

The Cryptocurrency Exchange

Since many people want to get involved so early in the blockchain technology so they can become the early adopters and the best gainers, it remains for them to want to convert their fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. There are a few ways through which people can change their fiat into cryptocurrency (crypto) and the best have been through exchanges. These exchanges take fiat from investors through different payment processes and deliver them their desired cryptocurrency. People also use these exchanges to exchange a cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency exchange will pair them with others who wish to get the crypto from a seller at a price suitable to them. Because of the exploding popularity of the blockchain and its adoption rate, there are also countless numbers of exchanges each with its own uniqueness to provide liquidity for the blockchain. But because of the numerous number of exchanges available, all cryptocurrency enthusiasts or investors are scattered all over the internet and this, in a significant way affects the liquidity of the cryptocurrency.

But How?

In any market, liquidity is the heart of it wide acceptance. Liquidity of any asset talks about its availability or ease of access in the exchange market. Because of the numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, there are in the cryptocurrency universe (crypto verse), there remains a scattered market for the same. Each exchange has a small portion of the total volume of the cryptocurrencies that exist. Almost all of these exchanges trades the same cryptocurrencies (major cryptocurrencies). Any buyer who wishes to buy a very large volume at a determined price may not be able to get from an exchange platform. Thus he/she has to split his/her funds on different or multiple websites.

A buyer may not have a vast knowledge of cryptocurrency exchanges. Instead, he sticks to the one he knows and buys cryptos even at a high price when it is available on other exchanges at a much lower price. On the other hand, the same may want to sell cryptos, not knowing, and sell at a very low price though, available at a higher price in other exchanges.

Personal Note

Being a cryptocurrency enthusiast has made me understand that any true cryptocurrency enthusiast must have accounts with more than ten cryptocurrency exchange websites or more to be able to trade effectively, partly because a cryptocurrency may not have all desired tokens and partly because of price variation. Many at times there are wide gaps in the order books of a single exchange and you may need to see what the order books of other exchanges say to be able to make right decisions.

These scares investors away from cryptocurrencies as there are lower liquidity or say scattered liquidity.

LIQNET – The Cryptocurrency Unifier

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Liqnet seeks to put an end to the liquidity challenge of the crytpo verse by uniting the exchanges and allowing all trading positions into an order book where buyers or sellers can choose from all through the LEN technology.

LIQNET is a cryptoexchange, which allows to unite liquidity from different platforms and solve the problem of scattering of users, their trading requests, and orders, thus forming a unified order book with better market depth and better prices for private persons and legal entities from various jurisdictions.

Liqnet combines
The LEN technology is a mechanism that allows the collection of all buy and sell orders from different cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world and combines them all into a unified order book. Thus buyers/sellers are able to get or make deals at a favorable price. An investor who wishes to buy a large volume won’t have a challenge anymore as an aggregate buy/sell order from different exchanges from all over the world will surely be able to absorb the order at the investor’s desired price without hassle.

liqnet balances
Through many exchanges there comes an unbalanced view of the market depth of any cryptocurrency but through Liqnet, the market depth is improved as the order book is a combination of orders from many exchanges.
Through thorough checks by Liqnet’s specialists, Liqnet makes sure that any exchange to be integrated on it platform is genuine and has a license so that all Liqnet’s platform participants are secured.

It is safe to say that Liqnet can be likened to coinmarketcap that brings together all token details into one place, only that Liqnet is even better as it allows seamless trading

Why I would recommend participating on Liqnet and its ICO

  • With Liqnet, buyers/sellers won’t need to go through complex registration requirements from top exchanges which many are unable to fulfill as they take a lot of time.
  • Liqnet is not running an ICO for a platform to be built, the platform is already in operation (a finished product: liqnet dot com). Liqnet is Running an ICO to be able to connect with the largest exchanges which need funds to be deposited and trading limits to be received.
  • LEN token holders enjoy various discounts on their trading per day and gain access to voting service to make certain decisions on the platform.

Token Details

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Video Explainer

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