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The Araw platform was founded in the year 2016. Araw has been a payment option for online shop owners and they also help them to conduct loyalty programs so that they keep in touch with their customers. The platform since its launch uses virtual tokens but without the backup of the blockchain technology. Through the Araw platform, retailers can keep track of their customers’ shopping behavior, reward points and redemption.

One of the best ability a retailer can have is to be able to monitor what each of his customers buys over time and being able to anticipate what they will buy on their next visit- This is the kind of ability that Araw gives to Retailers. Cool huh?

An Ice topping for Customers

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There is an application for customers to keep track of different businesses and their goods/or services on the platform, prices, deals, and more in real time at discounted or low prices compared to other online shops. Using the application, customers automatically enjoy entering into loyalty programs (which may include purchases loyalty rewards, promotion tasks, etc.) from retailers across the platform. The reward points are redeemable as by the speculation of the retailers.

The Ice topping is the ability to enter loyalty programs from different retailers all on a platform, it helps to keep track of the reward points. And then discounts from time to time is more than a topping it, actually, a big big deal of an advantage over other centralized online shops

Giving Retailers A superpower

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Through the customer’s insight dashboard, retailers can easily keep track of the shopping behavior, activeness or activity (stats) of each of their customers in their online shop. This enables the retailers to make a short-term goal for their customers, to increase the activeness or activity of each customer thus increasing their profit.

This superpower will help retailers anticipate what most of their customers want from them, build activity or loyalty programs around these things and help them to increase sales based on the study of their customers

The Araw platform from its inception has been successful over the years with many retailers and customers on their platform. Araw and it experienced team wishes to help retailers gain more profits and customers increase their online shopping experience so they seek to build the platform on the blockchain technology to help solve problems or challenges that confront a centralized platform.

Pulling the Switch key to the Blockchain Mode

Through the blockchain backup, the Araw platform wishes to improve its services while increasing the adoption of the blockchain technology. Some of the Advantages of the Araw Token platform are:

  • A universal reward system to help retailers increase their viability and profit and help customers to be able to get tokens which are redeemable anywhere on the platform or convert the tokens to actual fiat currencies. This is very different from the previous reward points. Read more Here
  • Through the platform, retailers are able to use the Araw API on their online shop which serves as a payment option. Since the API is working on the blockchain it will help to cut all i9ntermediaries. The Araw token platform will also give retailers tools to organize and monitor loyalty programs even without technical knowledge and also help them to get rid of fears of undervaluing their goods and/or services through reward programs. Read more here
  • The Araw token platform participants are also able to enjoy using cards/wallets which helps to store cryptocurrencies, thus cryptocurrencies can be spent from day-to-day. Through the platform, users can loose-change their Araw tokens for fiat and vice versa without worrying about moving funds from one exchange to the other thus cutting all transaction fees. Read more here

Araw Token details

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Read more on the benefits for the Araw token platform:

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