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Ubex: Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

The advertising market is one of the most important markets for every company today. Over the years the digital advertisement has gained ground (especially from 2017). Advertising is the heart of any business that wishes to gain reach or popularity. Ubex comes into the market as a disruptive innovation to help advertisers and publishers from the challenges they have faced over the years. Utilizing the blockchain technology through smart contracts, Ubex solves transparency trust and honesty problems in the industry. More importantly, Ubex removes the long chain of intermediaries in the advertising industry.
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At the heart of Ubex’s advertising purchasing algorithms, lie neural networks that process information about each visitor to the member networks’ websites. The neural networks evaluate the interests of users, calculate the likelihood of targeted actions for all advertiser offers, and choose the most suitable advertisement. Thanks to this, member network website visitors see only those ads that are maximally confined to their interests, and which would convince them to fulfill the target action with maximum probability.

But What are the Challenges Advertisers face and How does Ubex Solve those Challenges?

UBEX and Advertisers

Target Audience?

Advertising has taken a new look more recently than ever as there have been great innovations driving towards greater reach and returns. Nevertheless, advertisers overpay as their ads give lesser returns than expected and do not reach the maximum number of targeted audience. As good as an ad maybe if it does not reach the target audience it is a failure and total waste of funds. The present advertising market has a low efficiency in terms of reaching the target audience thus advertisers overpay.

When a visitor visits a website that is registered with Ubex, Ubex uses algorithm to do a very quick study of the visitor using the previous search requests, file downloaded, apps installed, online purchases made (without violating personal data privacy) to know his/her interest so as to determine which kind of advert will be suitable or catch the attention of the visitor. After the interest of the visitor has been determined, the system conducts an auction for advertisers whose ads are correlating to the interests of the visitor the highest bidder is selected and the ad is uploaded to the screen of the visitor. All of these processes take about 100-200milliseconds while the target webpage is loaded.

Intermediaries and Tools?

There are too many intermediaries between the advertisers and the publisher each with their own commission thus increasing the cost of advertisements for the advertiser. Some of these intermediaries provide design tools for the advertiser to make the advert more effective or efficient. Advertisers do not get to be able to follow up on how each of these adverts designed is yielding. An increase in the cost of advertisement with low returns means higher production cost for the advertiser resulting in higher cost of service or goods.

Advert intermediaries
With Ubex advertisers can get to follow up on how each of their adverts is yielding. They get to select what parameters they want for their adverts like the target audience, geography, times of display, etc. Ubex eliminates all intermediaries and their commissions, therefore, lowering advertising costs for the advertisers. With the algorithm on Ubex, advertisers get to see the performance or efficiency of each of their adverts. Through Ubex, advertisers are able to design productive adverts which are tested and trusted to yield returns. The platform also allows them to filter the most effective websites for their adverts.

Fraud through Pay Per Click

Advertisers currently pay for adverts placed on publisher’s websites with Pay Per Click (PPC) model. This model suggests that the level of productivity of an advert on a website is directly proportional to the number of interactions with the adverts or clicks. Through studies, it has been found that it is very possible to fake these clicks as there are bots that can do these effectively thus inorganic and increasing advertising costs to be paid by the advertisers though no returns.
Ad fraud
Ubex uses Cost per Action (CPA) model instead of Cost per Click which means that an advertiser only pays for an advert when some targeted actions are completed through it. Some examples of these targeted actions are registering on websites, filling forms with contact information, clicking ‘call me back’ buttons, or purchasing products. This will ensure that advertisers only pay for all productiveactions of the adverts they put up on publishers websites. Thus maximizing honesty. All of these are monitored by the smart contracts on the platform to ensure publishers are paid for every productive lead through the adverts placed on their websites.

Publishers be like ‘What about us? 
Well the good news is that Ubex has them at heart

Ubex and Publishers

One of the major fear of the publishers is getting paid for their works. On Ubex, there are ratings for all platform participants. Based on previous actions or transactions each advertiser is rated. The advertisers with low ratings have funds escrowed on the platform through the smart contracts which are automatically paid to the publishers when the terms of the agreement in the smart contracts are fulfilled.

There are also tracking features through the smart contracts on the platform to help more with transparency and honesty since Ubex will be working on a Cost per Action model. The tracking feature helps to know the origin of a particular action which is made on an advertiser’s product or website so that the publishers are rest assuredly paid for evert lead from their websites.

Ubex also helps with the algorithm, publishers to place adverts on their websites where they can be seen and work efficiently.

Token Details

Ubex Token
All transactions are done with the Ubex token on the platform. Ubex also comes with a wallet on the platform to help keep all participants’ tokens safely.

You may want to know more about Ubex through the video below:

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