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Foresting: The True Social media on the blockchain

Foresting is creating a social media platform that allows content creators to earn from their original content as others ‘like’ their posts.

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Social media

Since its inception, social media has always been a key factor in major occurrences all around the world. This is no surprise as man has been seen to be a social animal. There has been turning of events over the years orchestrated by social media which are undeniable and undefeated. Social media serves as sources of news that governments cannot stop as they curb journalism in some areas. This is because social media gives an opportunity for people to truly express themselves.

The ‘Big’ Platforms

Yet big social media platform seem to undermine the fact that the users are the key factor to its existence. These big social media platforms seem to allow themselves to gain from it while the users Keep populating the platform with their original contents, likes, and data. The publisher and very few of the platform users truly earn from all of the activities of the platform. Apart from earning from the activities of the users on the platform, the publishers also earn from advertising other products. This has degenerated to the extent that user’s personal data on the platform are taken advantage of (without their proper consent) and used to display ads to them – this is outrageous. Many of the platform users also have the notion that it is only very few business people that can earn from the platform.

Steemit – A social media on the blockchain, to the aide?

Steemit came onboard through the blockchain technology to help thousands of social media users earn from doing what they love to do – sharing original content. Users can share original content and get paid as other users with their reputation ‘upvotes’ (likes) their content. But this soon grew to become a business as a service rather than being a social media as focus quickly shifted from what it is meant to be, to being mostly about making money. It quickly lost its savor.

Foresting – the true Social media

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Foresting comes into the scene to be the next generation social media built on the blockchain technology, giving the power back into the hands of the users while not forgetting to be a ‘social media’. Foresting has a lot of features which makes it better than other existing social media platforms.

The social media


likes foresting

Foresting is creating a social media platform that allows content creators to earn from their original content as others ‘like’ their posts. These posts may be text, videos, audio or pictures. Foresting is putting much focus on being a social media so that it won’t lose it savor as the predecessors. The team understands that user experience is key to every social media platform.

Foresting Social

My opinion: There is a feature that I have been longing and looking for in other big social media that I have not found. This is the ability to post audio. Even steemit doesn’t have this feature. Platforms that have this feature are only or strictly for music but since foresting is combining this feature with other interesting ones, I believe it is starting out to be not just the best, but the greatest of all times.


ads foresting

Foresting puts back power back into the hands of content creators as it allows them to choose advertisements to display in their posts. They will be paid directly by the advertiser. Creators will get paid based on the popularity, views, and likes (beat) on their contents in the platform token- PTON. Through this, advertisements will not utilize the personal data of the users or content consumers. Foresting through this shows that it is placing much premium on the privacy of its users.

Other features

Foresting is not only focusing on being a true social media with earning power for the users. It also has the Foresting Bank which focuses on using the activities of the users on the platform to create a credit rating for them, this is totally different from the traditional credit scoring through financial history – this is just genius.
Foresting has other interesting features which include the foresting lab, more of which can be seen through whitepaper.

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