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Security and Privacy of Telecommunication on the Blockchain

Security and privacy of users is the heart of Capital Technology and Research. Through different levels of security and decentralization users can be assured that their calls and messages are kept untampered.

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Communication is an aspect of man’s existence that binds all other aspects. Man, in essence, cannot do without communicating as he cannot do without eating. Through the advancement of technology, communication over long distances have been made easier. Telecommunication is the basis for almost all technologies in existence today. Through telecommunication we have access to the internet and all its subset like the blockchain technology.

Security and Privacy?

But communication through technology cannot be appreciated unless it comes with adequate security. As years pass by, the telecommunication industry suffers the loss of billions of dollars for breach of security in telecommunication. This is caused mainly by Man in the Middle (MITM). It is becoming easier to hijack communications (voice calls and messaging) because of the inefficiency of the security protocols used by service providers. I believed the need for security in communication was what informed the private call and messaging services which many pay for on a monthly basis. Despite this calls and messages are still vulnerable to leakages.

There has been the story of a war that was won because the enemy was able to hijack and decode the encrypted message (containing detailed plans of attack and defense) sent by a commander to his subordinate. There is no telling of what a top priority message leak can do to economies around the world when it leaks into the hands of terrorists.


Telecommunication on the Blockchain- Capital Technologies and Research

The blockchain technology has proven useful in terms of speed, transparency, and security of financial transactions. Ever since the creation of the blockchain technology through the inception of bitcoin, there has risen other innovations that apply the technology to other aspects of life. With the need for security in call and messaging services, there comes Capital Technology and Research which builds it services on the blockchain technology to ensure the privacy and security of its users.

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Capital Technology and Research use cutting-edge security, ZK-SNARK, and decentralization of the blockchain technology to keep calls and messages sent on it platform secure. Through its services, Capital ensures that all users using it services are directly connected to the recipients without the need for any intermediary or monthly fees. Through decentralization, it is ensured that calls and messages sent are completed through random nodes which cannot be traced by a hijacker.


How it works

All users who wish to enjoy private and secured services are to be registered on the platform. The users will be given a set of keys which can be used to establish sessions (by sharing of public keys) with other users on the platform. To connect with another user on the platform, a user encryption keys must be validated by other parties. When a user makes a call or sends a message to another user, a new private key is generated for each session and the identity data are stored on a random node which makes it very difficult to be hijacked. Each call and message sent will be encrypted from end to end. This encryption cannot be decrypted by anyone (not even the platform) but by the recipient only who has the decryption keys for the session.

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A messaging platform uses end-to-end encryption for it services, but the decryption of messages is not up to the users. The decryption and encryption of messages or media are done by the platform. This is not true encryption as the platform has an undeniable access to messages sent between users.

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Depending on the level of security chosen by the users, nodes through which messages are relayed can be one, two, three, or five.

More Security- ZK-SNARK

Capital Technology and Research use zk-SNARK (zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) which allows transacting parties to verify other parties that they have a set of information without revealing the actual information. This is one of the most secure verification tools. Many websites today verify users by allowing them to input passwords in plain text, this means that the password is available to the platform itself and can be used to access the users’ data this is not secure. Others encrypt the passwords but this is not also secure as they are vulnerable to decryption by hackers. Zk-SNARK allows a user to prove he has the password to the verifier without revealing what the actual password is. Read more about zk-SNARK here.

Capital Blockchain

Capital started out as a platform built on the ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 protocol) because of the advantages it provides over the bitcoin blockchain. Ethereum is faster in processing and it allows the creation and execution of smart-contracts among other advantages. But as time went on need is seen to create a blockchain for the project as ethereum blockchain has huge scalability problems and the speed is limited. Capital Technology has its own blockchain working on Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) provided by Komodo and the explorer can be seen here.

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