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Dealjoy: A Trustless, Instant Commision and Cashback Platform

Dealjoy is a truly global innovation that wishes to solve problems associated with cashback platforms and affiliate marketer’s commissions. 

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As A Blogger

Hi, I am Ayobami Abiola, and I am a blogger. I love writing and more importantly to promote innovations like technologies and products (that is the reason for https://cryptostocksreview.org). Ever since I had gotten my website, I had heard that bloggers make money, doing what they love to do. That had got me researching and brought me to know Affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, I can promote any product I want and get commissions when products are sold through the links I give. This is exciting and I will like to opt into the best affiliate marketing platforms of my choice. My first drive to be an affiliate marketer was shortly shattered when I saw so many challenges surrounding it.

Location Restrictions

I was totally shocked to see that many of these top affiliate providers had restricted registrations to certain locations which unfortunately my location was not part of. Many of the platforms which had included my location, had some restrictions to the product I can market. Most importantly, there was a change of commission per location (does this mean that some affiliate marketers from ‘some countries were better’ or what did they had in mind?). This is not just discouraging for me but a bombshell that swept me off affiliate marketing. Well there were still other bloggers that went through with blogging but their challenges I’d like to recount below.


Most times affiliate marketers have to wait for a specific period of time before they get paid, most times a month to three after they get their commissions. This is to ensure that the goods bought will not be returned in case of discrepancies or complications. Another reason is that of the payment processor. Most of the time the bank wire is used, it takes more than three weeks to process especially for some countries.

Google Adsense releases it payments only once a month through checks which can take more than three weeks to arrive at some countries.

For some payment processors, there is a minimum amount of withdrawal that could be made. Talk about the transaction fee, sometimes it could half the total amount to be collected.


Cashback on Purchases for Online stores

Cashbacks are to incentivize customers and keep them coming for a particular product. This has been seen to adequately improve the sales of some products. But the catch is that some customers seem to notice that redeeming some cashbacks are way more complex. Not to talk of minimum withdrawal barriers in so many cases.



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Dealjoy is a truly global innovation that wishes to solve problems associated with cashback platforms and affiliate marketer’s commissions. Built on the ethereum blockchain, dealjoy Trustless Commision Sharing protocol solves every form of challenges associated with getting cashbacks by customers and commissions by marketers.


Affiliate Commissions

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Dealjoy is bringing up a truly global platform with no location restricted. With Dealjoy everyone interested in marketing a product is welcome. Since the blockchain is designed to work no matter the location, everybody is welcome to participate on the platform.


With the aid of the cutting edge blockchain technology, Dealjoy will ensure an instant payment of commission to every affiliate marketer. The blockchain technology is way faster than any payment processor. Commissions will be paid through the platform token, DEAL, which can be sold on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or fiat.  To ensure the safety of the producer in case goods are returned, the account balance of the marketer whose commission had been paid instantly for the later returned good will be adjusted. But if the marketer had withdrawn the tokens before the deduction is made, there is a staking feature on the platform. All user on the platform has to stake an amount of the token on the platform. This is to ensure security in cases where goods are returned, cashbacks for returned goods or products can be deducted from the staked tokens of the users.

This makes a lot of sense as the delays in payments of affiliates is now totally gone.

Dealjoy works really well for content creators who use WordPress as it has a plugin for WordPress websites, to easily track customer’s clicks, impressions, and purchases through their websites.

Cashback for Customers

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Dealjoy allows customers to earn cashback payments instantly to their accounts on Dealjoy platform. Customers are paid in tokens which can be withdrawn at any time no matter the amount. When a customer follows a like from Dealjoy to buy goods (with cashbacks) to an online retail shop, as the payment is made in realtime, customers receive their cash back in DEAL token. The cashbacks has no minimum withdrawal clause.

Token Uses

The Deal token is the Dealjoy platform token used to pay commissions to marketers and cash backs to customers. Since producers pay Dealjoy platform in cash and the cash backs are paid in tokens. 80% of the cash received are used to buy tokens back from exchanges thus increasing the price of the token over time. Everyone who stake tokens on the platform also enjoys the benefits when the token worth increases. The token staked on the platform can be withdrawn, but a cool down period must be allowed for staked tokens to be withdrawn.

All images are from the Dealjoy website and whitepaper

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