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CleverBounty: Next Gen Bounty management

CleverBounty utilizes smart contracts to enable the instant payment of bounty hunters whenever tasks are completed. Each hunter on the platform has the autonomy to read the terms of a contract before they sign it and begin works.

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Bounty Hunting and Hunters

Bounty hunting, though seen by some as unnecessary, is considered one of the most important aspects of a project by many. Arguably some believe that it should be replaced with advertisements in centralized platforms. But those who believed that it is very effective cannot do without it in their projects. Bounty hunters are one of the investors of a project, they invest most times with their intellectual properties and influence. So they should not be treated as trash.

In the Mind of a Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters want maximum rewards for the works they do, so they opt in for bounties with high rewards. More importantly, they want their works to be rewarded in currencies that have been established. It is better to invest intellectual property and influence for a reward with pre-determined worth.

The Reality

But the reality is the opposite as bounty hunters themselves are duped of their hard works when projects they promote refuses to pay what it promised them. Many times the agreed reward pool or rewards for hunters are sliced, yet they cannot fight effectively for what is theirs. Tough lucks brings many to be rewarded with the project tokens which a diminished worth. When tokens lose their worth in exchanges, other investors easily blame bounty hunters that they had sold their tokens for far less than its price in ICO. This is most times not so because tokens allocated to bounty are always very small (2-5% of the total tokens generated), and because during ICO investors are given far greater discounts than healthy for a business (imagine 150% discounts). Despite the fact that many blame bounty hunters for low token prices, projects still continue to pay hunters in their tokens.

Aside not getting paid at all for works done, bounty hunters face risks delays in payment of their rewards. Sometimes bounty hunters’ rewards are delayed for months without being paid, most times without being informed prior to these decisions.


In the midst of these have arisen many solutions brought up by bounty managers to ensure that hunters are paid for their works and on time. There are so many bounty hunting platforms as people come up with solutions:

  • Some created a platform where they can manage bounties and make sure the process is organized (automatic tracking of bounty hunters’ activities). But this hasn’t solved delays in payments of bounty rewards and sometimes lack of payments.
  • Some created a platform that is built on the blockchain technology, in essence, having their own platform token to automatically track hunters’ activities and to perform certain actions on the websites. This has not stopped delays in payments of bounty tokens, even if tokens are paid out in the bounty platform tokens and not in project’s tokens, there is still a risk of loss of worth.
  • Etc.


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With a view to correcting the present predicaments of bounty hunters comes CleverBounty (CleverICO) with the adequate use of smart contracts which are used to automatically track the activities of bounty hunters and pay them instantly.

It is only clever Hunters that knows that getting paid instantly in an established or stable coin is clever.

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CleverBounty utilizes smart contracts to enable the instant payment of bounty hunters whenever tasks are completed. Each hunter on the platform has the autonomy to read the terms of a contract before they sign it and begin works.

What are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are like traditional contracts in that they are essentially legal or binding agreements between two parties. The differences between smart contracts and traditional contracts is that smart contracts are self-executing, they do not need intermediaries as they allow agreeing parties to connect directly, smart contracts are also immutable, unchangeable, or unalterable. Smart contracts are deployed on the blockchain technology where they stay secured (unhackable) and cannot be deleted.

In Essence

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The use of smart contracts on CleverBounty means that projects can come in contact with each bounty hunters without any intermediaries. Projects can easily deploy contracts with payments which are escrowed on the blockchain thus assuring bounty hunters of payments after completing tasks. Terms of agreements of a task cannot be altered by a project.

On Which Blockchain?

CleverBounty uses stellar blockchain to pay it hunters but projects can determine to use any other form of payments. Stellar is one of the best blockchains that allows instant payments with close to zero fees. Stellar is also an established coin with almost stable a price (22cents).

Take this opportunity

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CleverBounty is just starting its platform and many hunters like myself are already taking it advantages, believe me, we have good testimonies with instant payments. More exciting updates are still on their way as CleverBounty improves its services daily.

Let me leave you with this quote by me

Clever bounty hunters join CleverBounty

You can get to know more about ClevrBounty through:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook

Thanks for reading. I am @ayobami99, a bounty hunter. You can also reach me on bitcointalk and blog for more exciting contents on the blockchain technology.


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