It is no more news that the bitcoin network or payment system has been ground breaking over the past few years in dealing with on major challenge of the world of payment networks – trust or transparency. This which over time has been a milestone for the fiat currency was solved in an instant with the launch of the bitcoin network. Well happy as many may seen the bitcoin network over time encountered some ‘unsumontable’ challenges, because of it expansion over the years which must be looked into:

The number of transaction the bitcoin network handles per second is now very low, compared to the card network which the cryptoworld is supposed to be an improved version. It handles seven transactions per second because of the increase in usage of the payment or transaction system.

The cost of transaction though unfixed is now very high and becoming unbearable for users, who seemingly has no other choice but to adhere because of btc’s market domination.

The time for confirmation of each transaction is now very long taking up to fifteen minutes on the average. This is alarming as the card network is almost instant.

It now becomes a very big challenge for merchants or websites that accepts bitcoin as a payment method because the price is always flunctuating in a way that can not be predicted. Merchants who accepts bitcoin looses a lot of fortune per minute just because of these flunctuation. Investors now preferably hold btc because of the high rise lately instead of transacting with same.

Its so sad that billions of doorlars worth of btc has been lost because there is no mechanism to handle payment reversals when there are errors in billings or when seller are unable to recieve goods which they paid for.

In the midst of these defficiencies all hopes is not lost as a new project seeks to effeciently deal with these problems in a way that will satisfy all. This is the COTI – network.

Currency of the internet


COTI is a payments transaction network supported by a native digital currency. Purpose-built to solve
the payments challenges of today, COTI will set the standard for how payments should work in the digital
currency era. By combining the best of blockchain technologies with the best of traditional payments, COTI
provides buyers and sellers everywhere with the easiest, most cost-effective and most reliable way to pay.

Source: COTI bussiness overview

COTI (Currency Of The Internet) just as the accronym implies seeks to become the currency of the internet by building on the existing or traditional payment model or system while dealing with its defficiency to become the best.

The COTI projects seeks to to increase the number of transactions to ten thousand transactions per second. (10,000TPS).

There will also be little or no transaction costs as COTI creates a system that attachs a trust score on transaction made between buyers and sellers. The scores will form a basis of determining the current transaction cost (in other words using past history of the user to determine the present). The scores will be based on the past experiences of the buyers based on problems encountered and effieciency of the user. A high reputation score will translate to a very low or no transaction cost, while low score will translate to a high cost.

The COTI will allow instant transaction for the benefit of the users. It will also surport a wide range of currency exchanges from the fiat currencies to the cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

The COTI will have mediators who will have the sole responsibility of dealing with various issues arising between buyers and sellers. These mediators are the problem solvers as i will call them.

The COTI team are a wide range of professionals who are working to make the plaform legally aceptable by securing the banking right or certificates. These team ranges from professionals in banking sectors to developers in blockchains.

I believe investing with them is a right thing to do.


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