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Polyient Games Launches: A new way to interact with Blockchain Games and I am Excited


It seems everything happening around Avalanche is breaking a particular record- the first time record. A few weeks ago, I began unveiling three obvious use cases of Avalanche, I wrote explicitly about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), and a week later Avalabs announced a strategic partnership with Polyient Games to offer a decentralized exchange for NFTs on its platform.

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Polyient Games

Polyient Games is an investment firm that focuses on everything NFT and blockchain gaming. They are building an ecosystem of platforms to enhance Game developers and NFT enthusiasts like me. I had written about how my enthusiasm to trade NFTs came to an abrupt end because of the spike in Ethereum transaction fees, but really, reading and investigating about Polyient has resuscitated my hope and enthusiasm for that Niche.

Polyient For Developers

Developers will be able to onboard their blockchain games empowered by NFTs easily on the Polyient platform. The platform is offering a great tool for developers to give the right visibility to their works. A dedicated Dapp profile page, a decentralized market to trade NFTs, and a way for beta testers to give feedback to developers are tools that are not easy to come by for developers.

Believe me when I say that, I have been a content manager for a blockchain arcade game platform and I know the rigor developers pass through to develop these games. To add another platform layer with the right tools for users to interact with the games and NFT is something else. So, seeing Polyient building an ecosystem that has these tools and more readily available is great news. Intuitively developers will not need to worry about going the extra (extra) length to make their works visible, they can access a wide range of game enthusiasts and players that Polyient has gathered- You’ll see what I mean. 

Aside from a dedicated DApp page, NFT decentralized Market, and A sea of testers, Polyient is offering a way for developers to increase interactions with their product through competitions and marketing support (I am pretty sure analytics is inclusive).

For Users

Game enthusiasts can have a better experience with blockchain games with the Polyient Game platform. Access to a marketplace to trade NFT for enthusiasts like me is just what I need when my hopes of trading NFT have been dashed. Not just this, for participating the platform rewards users. Holders of Polyient Games Founder’s Keys (PGFK), platform token, will enjoy a lot of opportunities and rewards. PGFK holders will receive random NFT rewards and they will be able to become the first to test games that are launched on the platform (you now understand why this is great for developers).

Polyient’s PGFK and XPGP

PGFK is like the ticket that opens doors for users as I have explained above. It is an ERC 721 token. There are only 20,000 PGFK in existence and 12,500PGFK (400Dai or 1.1ETH each) available for public sale. The public sale started on September 15 and will end on. As at the time of writing 6182 PGFKs have been sold in just a few hours after the sale began (track the sale here). Holding PGFKs will enable users to have access to frequent rewards depending on how many they hold and early access to test games on the platform. Rewards are distributed randomly to holders using Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Randomness Function). Holders will also be able to communicate directly with the team members. Get to know more about these pecks here.

XPGP is like the marketplace fuel or trading fee. There are 1000XPGP in 1PGFK. XPGP is an ERC-20 token that will be used to pay trading fees on the Polyient marketplace. Users will be able to trade PGFK-XPGP on the platform as well as AVAX-XPGP. They will be able to add liquidity and to XPGP pairs to earn from the platform fees just like in on a Defi platform.

Why I am Personally Excited about Polyient Games

Because the marketplace will be on the Avalanche platform, it means transactions will be completed in milliseconds with a very low transaction and platform fee. I am excited because I will be able to trade NFTs seamlessly and practice what I spent so much to learn in trading. The inclusion of rewards for adding liquidity to XPGP pairs is another thing I am excited for, not to talk about the privileges of holding PGFKs. Polyient Games is also the first to offer an ERC -721 token for public sales. 

Get in touch with Polyient Games via the Following links

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And Avalanche Platform too

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Thanks for reading through, I am Ayobami. 

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