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P2P solutions foundation: Peer-to-Peer Communication System Platforms

Digital Data Storage

Everybody needs to store digital data online because they do not have enough data storage space or capacity to do so. Not just because of the limited local storage space, but because it is not safe as local storage spaces or capacities are susceptible to natural damage, hacks and virus attacks. Instead, people seek to use more reliable capacities which offers them both unlimited storage space, security of what they store and privacy of those data they wish to store. There are no storage services that could offer them these (at least) except cloud storages like google drive, Dropbox, etc. to store movies, personal data such as financial data, health history or data. Government or corporate bodies also use these media to store sensitive data.

The existing cloud storage are centralized storage systems which does not guarantee the security of data stored as they can be hacked, susceptible to virus attacks (in cases where their antivirus protection are not updated constantly) and they also charge high fees for data stored which are not really secured.

I have had a hard experience using cloud storage, I had backed up some of my crucial documents on google drive before, I had been confident that even if my local hard drive got spoilt or I changed device I will have access to these documents. It was painful at the time when I needed the files, I went online and downloaded the documents, only to try and open them I saw that they had been damaged or corrupted.

Peer-to-peer Digital Data Sharing

As much as everyone needs to store their digital data using cloud storage, they also need to share sensitive data with friends, colleagues, partners, etc. The internet could have been the best medium to do these, but because the internet does not assure the security and privacy of data shared, as they can be easily hijacked or hacked, they seek to use service providers who assure them of these. These service providers serve as intermediaries through which these digital data are sent over a secured network. Organizations or government bodies use the intranet to share digital data with the services of these intermediaries. Sharing of data or information are no more secured even when using these intermediaries because anyone who wishes to use them has to sacrifice privacy for security or security for privacy as both cannot be achieved today. Intermediaries have access to data shared (no privacy) they are also operating on centralized systems which can be hacked and they also charge very high license fee on services provided. Bring intermediaries into Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sharing service and it loses it meaning.



P2PS is the world’s first blockchain-powered, secure, pure peer to peer, interference-free, digital communications platform designed for everyone with a need to securely store and exchange digital data such as private data, medical records, banking data and government classified data, among other sensitive digital exchanges. Such platforms today are simply nonexistent.

P2PS leverages the blockchain technology namely smart contract to securely store digital data and make it available to authorized parties without the need for intermediaries. With P2pS users can securely store and exchange digital data on the blockchain. P2PS works on a decentralized system which will further assure users of data security and privacy. P2PS also makes data available to users quickly with their fast processing feature.

Data Security and Privacy on the Blockchain

P2PS uses the blockchain technology to assure the security and privacy of its users. Because of the blockchain technology which works on a distributed ledger system (decentralization), no single file is stored in a location rather, each file is divided into several parts and stored in systems different locations all over the world. This makes files or data out of grip for hackers or damages.

Another feature of the blockchain technology leveraged by P2PS is that there are smart contracts which totally eliminates the need for intermediaries. Smart contracts are like normal contracts, only that they are self-executing. Smart contracts will allow parties who wish to share data connect directly to share digital data and keep outsiders out.

P2PS Clients

The first clients of P2PS are Innovative Solutions International Inc. (ISI) and Electronic Learning Inc. (ELI)

  • Innovative Solutions International Inc. (ISI) provides high speed large digital data Package Transfer System on a secured peer-to-peer proprietary network. This service is provided with a decent annual license fee, but since they will be on the platform the license fee is replaced with P2PS tokens.
  • Electronic Learning Inc. (ELI) has the vision of making educational materials available electronically (through the use of tablets) thereby eliminating the use of enormous textbooks. It helps teachers to teach, students to learn and parents to monitor their ward’s progress.

Token Details

p2ps token details.png
The value of the P2PS token is set to grow profiting holders up to 300% over a period of time.
p2ps value
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