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Changing the Direction of the Coffee industry- The Blockchain Model. Welcome to the Future

love Air Coffee
love air coffee


One cannot ignore the fact that Coffee has formed an essential part of our lives today. It is one of the three most popular beverages in the world. The health benefits are a long list that will possibly take time to exhaust. It prevents risks from a lot of diseases and complications like a heart attack. Taken appropriately with the right number of cups per time, it can be one of the healthiest drink to make one’s day. Some people noted that it helps your interpersonal relationship at work. Coffee contains caffeine which helps in psychoactivesness of the body. So many people use it to prevent drowsiness.

Essentially, all these benefits are only thanks to coffee processing done with utmost care to retain most of its elements. Roasting is the final and most important process which determines the worth or quality of a coffee drink. All other processes from harvesting to drying, etc. could be done carefully but if the roasting is not handled properly it can affect the taste and weight of the coffee seeds. Presently, the local roasting method is the most popular.

Coffee Roasting Defficiencies

The roasting method critically affects the uniformity of the beans to be roasted. The beans that touch the frying pan or heated drum will surely be more burnt than others. There is no way to equally roast all beans through the available methods. The available methods also do not keep smokes out of the roasted beans. All of these affects the aroma, taste, and quality of the beans to be roasted.

Love Air Coffee Solution

Love Air Coffee sees a challenge in the production of coffee with an opportunity to reach the world with love through the beverage. They have worked on a machine which can handle the roasting of coffee perfectly- the air roasting method.

The air roasting method has proven effective in making uniformly roasted beans. Thus, retaining the vital elements, the aroma, and quality.

The Working Principle of the Air Roaster

coffee roaster prototype

Hot air is supplied at a regulated velocity to the beans in a chamber. The velocity of the hot air is such that it keeps the beans at a regulated temperature and constantly in motion to prevent direct contact with the walls. The heating system is a heating element so it does not produce smoke. Air is supplied to the heating element and blown upwards towards the filter into the heating chamber where the beans are. This set up is perfect such that it greatly reduces losses and saves a lot of time and effort. The machine has been tested and roasted coffee bags are up for grabs.

Love Air Coffee is already seeking crowdfunds to make this prototype into bigger units which will be are production points scattered all over the world.

Why the Blockchain?

The transparent, security and immutable nature of the blockchain technology will help the order and delivery of Air Coffee to customers worldwide. Roasted coffee can be ordered through the Love Air Coffee application with the LAC tokens. Customers can relate with the master contract -a smart contract on LAC’s own blockchain EVOL. The master contract will work them through with the details/specifics of their order like the quantity, the approximate date and time of delivery, payment, pickup location, etc. It then relates the details of the order to the factory where the roasted coffee is processed. The master contract gives each order a bar code which can be used to confirm delivery at the end of the day. If in case there will be a change in delivery times or location, the master contract sends notifications to the customer.

Apparently, the master contract is a smart contract, it works as an escrow, it does not send payments to the company unless the customer confirms the delivery of goods.

Conclusively, LAC is the first to bring the coffee industry and exchange on the blockchain. They increasing the quality of production and service in the coffee industry. The LAC application has a lot of other interesting uses that you can get to know.

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