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iShook: Content Discoverability Made Possible

The invention of the internet and more recently the blockchain has been very useful to a lot of people. It has hastened a lot of development processes and things have been done at an unimaginably high speed. Nevertheless, there are some professions that have greatly suffered the emergence of this great innovation. Authors and content creators who wrote books have been one of the major profiteers of the past, but the invention of the internet has struck their market with a hard blow. Even with the invention of the electronic books, authors are being driven farther away with the social media. Even with the aide of advertisement, a huge amount of funds are being wasted with little or no returns because the advertisements are targeted at mostly the wrong audience.

The social media is filled with unsatisfied consumers of content scattered across the globe who wish to have quality content and get in touch directly with the authors, to have a one on one sessions to ask them questions about their work.

There is no other platform that has this challenge solved other than the iShook platform

iShook will provide a singular social network gateway between authors and their audiences. iShook is for the social reader who searches for better access channels to their desired content. An author can self-publish for a minimal fixed yearly fee rather than a fee for each work, as such, readers can then consume content directly from authors, sharing their thoughts and insights straight through the social networking platform containing like-minded individuals.



iShook is an already existing platform which has been interacted with by thousands of users. There are three, ishook.com, ishookdaily.com, and ishookstore.com (e-commerce). But the integration of the token system will even make it better. There are so many benefits for both the content creator and the consumer or user.


Benefits to the Content creators

The system will reward each content creator with additional royalties in form of the iShook token. This bonus is in ishook token and can be used to reach a wider audience.

These ishook tokens can be exchanged to promote contents from the creator so as to reach a wider audience. Since the platform is full of users who are willing to interact or consume their product it is sure that there will be high returns.

Since there are readers who wish to get in touch with the creator or author who has had so much impact on them, and ask questions relating to the works, iShook gave the ability for the content creators to arrange a question and answer session privately on the platform with their audiences. The content creator will be able to charge an access fee or entrance fee (spectator and engagement fee) in iShook token.

The User or Consumer Benefit

  • Users will enjoy a discount on items bought on the e-commerce store and those released by the author on the platform.
  • Users will be able to access author notes and annotations in their work.
  • Readers will also be able to make notes on contents for a fee. This means that any user can get paid in iShook token for making thoughtful notes or comments relating to a work.
  • Readers will also get access to question and answer sessions privately with the author for a price specified by the author for spectator and engagement.
  • iShook will also integrate a feature which will allow users to name their price for a content.

These and so many more are the benefits of interactivity with the iShook platforms and token. Here are some other bonuses provided for the iauthors


  • Authors get bonuses when they sign up as iAuthors which can be used to promote their work
  • When authors submit a certain amount of content to the platform, they get bonuses.
  • When the works of the creators are interacted with to some level, they get a bonus.
  • Bonuses are also gotten for being an active user of the platform for a period of time.
  • After identity verification, bonuses are given.
  • Referral bonuses are also accrued to users for inviting other users and authors to the platform.

Personal note

This is a very big opportunity for content creators to get a right visibility for their work and get paid accordingly. It is also a very promising project because it has already been in operation before the tokenization and it also allows users to get paid for making thoughtful notes on works not to mention getting into a private question and answer session with one’s favorite author. It is also a very big opportunity for investors as the early dog carries the biggest bone.

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  1. i think i have seen or registered on this ishook, there are books there to read, but i felt the platform needs more developments in the long run. the idea of tokenization of the platform isn’t bad

    • yes, they are always updating the platform, but i think it will be more interesting when the token is active. you can watchout for that

  2. As I can see in your write-up ishook will be beneficial for authors, readers and other content creators like bloggers and website owners. This will be great as they will be rewarded fairly.


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