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INGOT COIN: Wallet with a Digital Bank

Ingot Coin leverages the blockchain technology to provide investors with market opportunities in the cryptocurrency universe by connecting the cryptocurrency world and the traditional market under six umbrellas

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Global Financial Market

There is no doubt that the financial asset is one major aspect of the Global Domestic Product. The total financial market as recorded by Deutsche bank hit the all-time record of $294trillion in 2014 (source see chart below), this record later became so little by the end of 2017 as the financial market gained up to 22% more (compared to where it began at the beginning of the year 2017) by the end of 2017 resulting into about $514.53trillion as recorded by MSCI world index (source).
Global Charts

The global cryptocurrency market also rose that year to about $700billion by the end of the year with bitcoin covering about 50% of the total cryptocurrency market value as recorded by the coinmarketcap (Chart below).

Since the market the financial market has grown so high, this is an encouragement to all investors and an invitation for new investors to join in to make profits. The significance of the growth recorded by the cryptocurrency market in the year 2017 was no different from what the result was for the global financial market as traditional investors who wish to diversify their assets also began to find an entry point into the cryptocurrency market even with little understanding. The cryptocurrency market is seen as an infant with a very big opportunity for growth in the coming years compared to the global financial market which is fully grown and becoming very hard for smaller investors to gain recognition. Both old and new, big and small investors wish to take this advantage and become the early adopter of cryptocurrency so as to become the best gainers when the same fully forms.

Even with little understanding, many who are not financial investor became a stakeholder in bitcoin by the end of 2017 as they buy lots of the coin.

The Disadvantage and Barriers

The cryptocurrency market has prevented the entry of many investors as there are many disadvantages discouraging many who are interested in becoming a partaker. Even with these disadvantages, many investors went ahead to invest, this led to some major loss and it became so hard to break even. Some of these barriers are

Slow Centralized Exchanges

Exchanges are very important especially in the conversion of fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies. There are also very few exchanges that help to convert financial assets to cryptocurrencies. The one that does these is centralized exchanges which process orders very slow. It is important to note that for any sort of financial trading (both traditional and cryptocurrency) time is very important as it can determine the difference between the loss and gain for any investor. It takes a lot of processes and time to register in most cryptocurrency exchanges which are top tier. Intending users have to present identity documents for compliance with KYC and AML policies, these take a lot of time to confirm. Most exchanges are also very slow in processing deposits and withdrawal.

High Transaction Fees

This is one major barrier that prevents entry or exit for investors. Transaction costs come in different levels. Transferring funds to an exchange, trading, and withdrawing funds from exchanges incur a lot of transaction fee that rips investors off their profits. For investors who like to diversify, moving funds from a traditional market to a cryptocurrency market will cost a very high cost of transaction not just from the originating source but also from the destination not to talk of transaction costs from intermediaries like banks, brokerage firms, etc.

Lack of Knowledge

The cryptocurrency market as stated earlier is still in its infancy which makes it market movement very hard to study. The cryptocurrency market is very different from the traditional financial market as it cannot be predicted by or with previous experiences, especially from the traditional market. This has made investors who jumped at the cryptocurrency market in 2017 run into a loss because they lack the proper understanding of the same. The cryptocurrency and its market is a new technology that needs a proper study for any investor that will profit from it.

Since investors will love to diversify their funds and invest in a wide variety of assets, the disconnection between the cryptocurrency universe and the traditional market will not allow them for the barriers mentioned above.

Ingot Coin- The Bridge between the Cryptocurrency Universe and Traditional Market

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INGOT Coin is the first fully integrated Wallet with a Digital Bank, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier, and ICO Accelerator. All components are rolled into a single and complete ecosystem, which rewards token holders and consumers for using and contributing to it. INGOT Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which provides benefits and discounts within the ecosystem itself. IC will be based on a ERC20 technology.

Ingot Coin leverages the blockchain technology to provide investors with market opportunities in the cryptocurrency universe by connecting the cryptocurrency world and the traditional market under six umbrellas: IC wallet, IC Exchange, IC Digital Bank, IC Brokerage, IC Certifier, and IC ICO Accelerator. Ingot will utilize the smart contract to help investors fully engage all markets (both traditional financial market and Cryptocurrency Market), by removing all intermediaries and their high transaction costs.
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IC Wallet

The Ingot Coin wallet allows users to store all cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem in an easy and secure way. It allows the transfer of cryptocurrencies to other wallets and exchange. The wallet will be integrated with IC digital bank to increase the use of Cryptocurrency by connecting it to the fiat world. It contains multi-signature and cold storage systems all making funds secure.

IC Exchange

The IC exchange will list all major coins and new ICOs which are part of the platform participants. The Exchange will be integrated with IC wallet, IC Brokerage, and IC Digital bank. Not just this cryptocurrencies will be listed against other cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and traditional financial instruments. This will help investors to truly diversify their investments without worrying about moving funds through different intermediaries and exchanges and their transaction cost.

IC Brokerage

Ingot Coin will provide investors with liquidity of all asset. The IC brokerage will be integrated with IC Exchange and IC wallet. It will allow instant trade on Crypto/Commodity and Crypto/Stock.

IC Digital Bank

This will connect both the cryptocurrency and traditional financial market worlds. The digital bank supports stakeholders’ trading activities by delivering a service with an unmatched speed of remittance at lowest fees.

IC Certifier

Ingot has expertise and professionals who have basic knowledge and understanding of the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology who are able to take interested users in courses that will give them a great depth about this. Education of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is one of the best assets that an investor can get if the will truly profit from being a stakeholder. The blockchain technology has a wide application that just trading. Through the IC certifier, users will be able to get to know more about the cryptocurrency thus helping them in areas where they could not think.

IC ICO Accelerator

Many projects today which have great innovations are drawn into the shadows because they lack creative visions and new ideas to help them gather funds as they are a new startup. Many of these new projects that made it through their initial coin offering also became failures as they are unable to provide liquidity solutions for their investors and other new investors who want to get involved. Through Ingot Coin ICO accelerator, startups can get funds for their projects as they will be helped with creative visions and new ideas. The Ingot Coin ICO Accelerator will also help participants get listed on IC exchange thus helping them with liquidity solutions and visibility.

Since 1993

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Ingot has experienced the inefficiencies of the global financial market for they have been in the financial market since 1993. Even with the multiple inefficiencies, they have offered investors more opportunities over the years. Some of the services they provide are ETFs, international shares, and indices, commodities, metals, energies as well as currencies.

Token Details

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