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If you are a gamer you need to see Forever Has Fallen


Forever Has Fallen is a global transmedia game, giving rise to an engaged global online/offline economy to utilize Forever Coin utility tokens; underpinned by a business model for generating multiple sources of revenues, including FIAT currencies. The strategic use of the token supply enables funding to complete the game and to provide support for the utility token when the game is launched.


The forever has fallen Game synopsis

The forever social (TFS) is a multi-billion dollar company widely accepted by all as the social media rose to become the face of the internet in a short time after its launch. The company has the favor of great investors as they invested heavily in the concept. But this multibillion-dollar start-up hit rock bottom, despite its greatness, within twenty-four hours with two saddening events: The Chief Information Officer (CIO) was murdered and as if that was not enough, the founder Karl-Axel Mattiasson was missing. Nowhere to be found, the tech guru (Karl-Axel) was lost or he ran away, as many people supposed, with the source code and the platform. This makes many believed that the founder had killed the Chief Information Officer and ran away so as not to be caught by the law- his disappearance betrayed him. Like the end stories of many great scams we know, the investors and banks had lost Seven hundred and eighty-two million dollars ($782million) in just twenty-four hours. They are red sad and vengeful; some looking for the founder’s head and others looking for a refund for the lost investment.
In all the gloom and sadness the player comes in as a firestorm to help the founder, Karl-Axel. Karl-Axel had claimed to be innocent of all charges and willing to reclaim his lost empire. The player must begin to unravel the truth even through the difficulties posed by the investors who want the head of Karl-Axel. The question is: What if Karl-Axel did what he was alleged of? And as the player unravels the truth, is he not covering the tracks of Karl-Axel?
The in-game missions comprise of solving miseries, fulfilling tasks as given by Karl-Axel who rewards with cryptocurrencies for completing the tasks to help him recover his empire. The cryptocurrency rewards can be cashed out and changed into fiat currencies.

Forever Has Fallen

Storytelling is one thing humanity has not and can never get over with. Great stories have been the core of great participation in many projects. The thirst or desire to know ‘where the story ends’ is a great selling point for these projects. This and many more cool features are sure the selling points for Forever Has Fallen (FHF). It ensures maximum user or player’s participation since the story is told across different platforms (transmedia). Forever Has Fallen game allows users to interact with pre-existing game characters on different social media and get rewarded. For example, Karl-Axel could give missions or tasks through his Facebook account (users can send a friend request to Karl-Axel: https://www.facebook.com/karlaxel.mattiasson.9 ) FHF rewards players who are active thus encouraging others to be more active.

The game provides thrills for players who like solving mystery and action. Users are able to interact with other players over the social media.

The Blockchain And FHF

The blockchain technology is used to verify which stage a player is at. The smart contracts are used to automatically pay players in tokens for completing tasks and for making decisions in the community.

Earning with FHF

  • Users earn tokens for playing the game and being more active as this gives them more status on the platform.
  • Players also earn tokens for completing tasks as given out by Karl-Axel
  • Users can also earn through other means: referring friends and promotion of the game.

What you stand to gain on FHF platform

  • On the platform, you get to socialize and know different players across the globe.
  • You earn cryptocurrency for being active on the platform and completing tasks. These tokens can be traded with other tokens.
  • The game also gives the advantage or opportunity for members of the platform to do meet-ups and earn to increase the popularity of the game.
  • The game, one in millions, allows users to interact with the main characters on different social media, through text messages, etc.

Token Details


Personal note

Reading the plot of this game got me excited already because I love actions and a little of mystery solving. I am looking forward to being one of the most active players on this platform when it launches. What about you? (Leave a reply in the comment section, let me know what you think)

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