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Genbby: Turn your Gaming Hobby into a Profit

Esports Origins

Almost everyone loves video games as video games form a very important part of everybody’s childhood memories. Because of the entertainment it provides, people got into organized online and offline competitions to get more of the thrills video games gives which is mostly between amateur players. Until the late 2000’s the concept of monetizing video game competition (known as eSports) has been out of the mind of every one. Esports (organized video game competition) came into existence in the late 2000’s with the participation of professional gamers and spectators through centralized bodies or systems. Esport games include multiplayer video games competition like real-time strategy, first person shooter, fighting, etc. Prize money is given to the competitors after the games.

Esports Economy

Since the late 2000’s the popularity of eSports have ever grown and it has been projected that the economic value will go from $108.9 billion to $128.5 billion in 2020.

Video games have ever been known and interacted with because it is largely seen as a hobby and something for entertainment. The introduction of the organized competition and later eSports made it profiting only to the professional players and little or nothing for the amateurs. One could only imagine how more than 2.3 billion active gamers around the globe and eSports only profit about 4000 who are professionals while the amateurs spend an average of $5.2 every day to do what they love – this should not be so.


This is where Genbby comes in: to make sure that all active gamers no matter their level of experience or professionalism profit from what they love to do as a hobby – video gaming through a disruptive decentralized ecosystem which is focused on competition, learning, training, and socializing for rapid evolution of the player.

Genbby allows a market of over 2 billion gamers to monetize their hobby by betting on their skills on any competitive game and make a profit with every match they win. We pair teammates and opponents with AI technology that constantly learns from the user’s playstyle for more balanced results. Join us in our mission to change the gaming industry together.


Genbby has four platforms which are aimed at disrupting the eSports market to benefit or profit all key players:

Competition Platform

Genbby creates a platform for all active gamers to compete in different modes (tournament, versus, etc.). It has a fair play system that makes sure gamers within the same level of experience, playing style and role type are matched to play against each other. The winner gets rewarded in Genbby tokens (GG) Players have the opportunity to bet on their own skill and if they win, they win the bet and earn more. Players can also bet on the skills of other players if the player they placed the bet on wins, the player who placed the bet also wins and they get rewarded.

Learning Platform

The Genbby platform also allows players to be exposed to learn new games. Through the Artificial Intelligence (AI) present on the platform, the gaming style of each player is studied and analyzed through machine learning to help come out with the best learning method so that players learn in a fast and progressive way. The platform also records and follows the performance of the player at all time.

Training Platform

Sometimes it is not enough to learn alone but with others. Genbby training platform brings or matches together players with the same level of experience, style of playing and role type to face or play against each other so that through that they can train together, not only that they get to learn faster. The progress of each player is recorded and updated at the end of the training sessions.

Social Platform

Based on the interests of each player, Genbby provides a platform for all players with the same interests to come together and interact. Activities such as tournaments, events, challenges, and leagues are used to strengthen socialization among users. Players with lower experience get to meet with players with higher experience levels on this platform to interact.

Genbby differs from the centralized ecosystem to give profiting opportunity to ALL video game lovers and not just some sect of people. On Genbby, a player can choose from different game modes available: tournaments, versus, rush ladder, practice, etc. Genbby helps to keep track of one’s gaming experience and level attained. It can be viewed as one’s personal game profile with earnings.

Personal note

I am a great fan and lover of video games (mostly first-person shooting). I have played series of video games on my laptop and I am always on the lookout for new games to entertain myself. With Genbby I get to turn my hobby in to profit as it gives me the opportunity to earn. I can now get in touch with other people (especially with those who are more experienced than I do) so they can teach me new and cool tricks. This is awesome. I am not saying that there is no other platform that helps to socialize with gamers, but not in a way to become an active profiteer in the eSport ecosystem.

Token Details and Sales

genbbtoken sale.png

For further information on Genbby, you can read:






Thanks for reading. I am ayobami (bountyhive username: Ayobami).


  1. This is just what video gamers need, there are many of them especially those coming from the third world countries.. This is a big opportunity

  2. As a gamer. What entertain me most is game. And this project is on of the best for the gamers as well. They are reinvesting the gaming world. Nice project from this team I really love this

  3. I’m not used to playing games before but this is changing my mindset. Though, I don’t like playing games, I still prefer real video games. This is a great project…


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