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EDC community: Stay Strong and Don’t Chicken out!

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Hey EDC Community 

How has it been guys? It’s been months since I have penned anything down concerning EDC Blockchain but that doesn’t mean I am not active, I have followed through all updates. 

Rock Drive? I have seen it too

Yes, I understand, also, that the rocky journey in the past few weeks have tested the faith of many supporters. But if your upline didn’t tell you this you must understand that battle is the criterion for victory. I have been on the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem for almost three years now (It means I have seen a lot) witnessing many projects, I wrote about a bunch in times past on this blog, but only very few are still standing till date. I have been heartbroken, pained, and suffered a loss due to mistakes and wrong turns both mine and those of project teams I followed or supported. I have a philosophy:

If the core team members never gave up, there is no reason for me to give up. 

Support and Educate Yourself 

You should do your best to support the team and their decisions, don’t forget that they are not only fighting for your hard-earned funds, but they are also fighting for theirs too and strategizing the best course to follow. Educate yourself and ask questions if you’re not clear about anything. EDC Support on the telegram the group has been helpful.

Recent Updates

Let’s take a look at a recent update, especially the one that caught my attention. The minimum leasing amount from the day of the update is $300 worth of EDC which is ~400,000+EDC according to the exchange rate. This means more and more EDC will be off the market creating more demands and higher prices. This is quite interesting, it means if you get it now, you will be getting more returns per day than when the minimum was 30,000EDC, and if the price increases, those who leased now will enjoy more. Generally, when cryptos are down are the best time to buy. So don’t chicken out, if you can’t buy more, stay put and watch things unravel. 

Not an EDC community member? Do your own research here

Watch this space for more from me on EDC blockchain


  1. I have been following up all your write ups for a very long time. I must confess to you and others that, “they are all amazing! ” and you are doing a great job EDC blockchain has been and still one of the great and awesome project with awesome teams that are focused and determined towards taking the project to above the sky. The remain focus on the growth and development of EDC BLOCKCHAIN. IT IS A PROJECT WORTH INVESTING IN IT, IT HAS HUGE AND GREAT ROI.

  2. Hello ! you are even speaking correct on some issues but the level of support leaves a lot to be desired. I asked exactly this question to support 2 days ago (why the $ 300 mandatory lease has not yet come into effect) Do you know what happened next without having any answer? I was banned from the group without any response !! think well ?? so draw your conclusions

    • I believe there will be updates coming in the next few days if there will be a change to this update. The reason for the delay is clear to them. I guess if you backtrack on the previous chats in the group, you will have gotten the answer to your question or better still a pm will do. But you need to also understand that EDC support gives premium to what the community thinks. In my best guess, I think some well-meaning community members must have given them reasons to hold-on before they push in the update…


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