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Code of Talent: Education on the blockchain

Good day everyone, I am Ayobami from Nigeria. I am a university graduate of the Department of Agricultural Engineering. I considered mechanical engineering at first but through my great lecturers and seniors, I was able to find out that Agricultural Engineering is the real deal and it is all-encompassing as it takes all engineering aspects into one. I am a product of great teachers (lecturers) and I salute them. Though with little resources they tried their best and I caught what I could.

Education is supposed to be the key that unlocks everybody’s full potential but it becomes a prison for our creativity because of so many reasons which make education boring.

Education and theories

Education today is so theoretical. Many at times when we are in the lecture theatres, students sleep off because they really do not understand the magic. So many calculations but they get little or no understanding of their real-life applications. Teachers try to explain real-life applications of the taught theories to students based on their exposure but students do not get them because they did not see them. It is said that students can only remember 25% of what they hear and 70% of what they see.

Internet Utilization

Sometimes, when students do not understand their lecturers, the smartest of them turn to the internet to watch videos which can help them understand better. But a larger percentage of the students are really not motivated to do so even though they have access to internet facilities. Instead of leveraging the internet to learn, they’d rather use it to socialize.

Education and Skill

Though students were taught about the wide gap between theories and skills (we had a course of study, TPD 501, which handled this) but the present education system is not capable to solve the challenge. The curricula in the education system are lagging far behind in getting updated to include new skills which were not in the education system but are very relevant today. There are many skills today which are not taught in schools. Therefore there is a wide gap between education and skill.

Though we were privileged to attend one of the best universities in Africa, there are so many others who do not have the opportunity to have encounters with great teachers or lecturers that we had

These and many more are what kept people (youths especially) oscillating in the prison of their limited exposure, unable to really tap into their creativity and talent because the educational system is faulty.

Code of Talent

code of talent

Our purpose is to create equal opportunities for everyone on the planet, by igniting their motivation to learn and develop their skills and talents, otherwise, they don’t stand a chance in the world of tomorrow. We empower educators to use micro-learning in the classrooms or as follow-up sessions, while allowing people from all over the world to join, contribute and learn from others. We uncover the “wisdom of many” to foster bright ideas and purposeful knowledge.

code of talent key benefits.png
Code of Talent gives the right tool back into the hands of teachers to help them bring out the true value in their students through incentivization. Code of Talent helps to empower teachers to motivate their students and allow anyone on the planet to join in to learn or contribute. On the platform:

  1. Students will be able to earn as they learn.
  2. Students have ten minutes of daily learning sessions.
  3. A teacher is attached to a maximum of forty students to increase interactivity between students and teachers.

The platform leverages smart contracts to reward both the learners and contributors in a merit-based system. Learners earn from completing some achievements while contributors (teachers) earn for the quality of added value. The platform helps students to learn relevant skills through the internet. The platform is accessible from any internet-enabled device. It uses gamification feature of scores, points, and badges to keep students and teachers on their toes and make education very interesting. Teachers can use the platform for students in their class as aides and outside the class.

Principles of Code of Talent

Code of Talent is built on five important principles:

  • Education is the key to solving the world’s problems.
  • Education should be exciting.
  • The blockchain technology is a great innovation that should be applied to make educational system better.
  • The quality of Education should be measured and the best should be delivered.
  • There should be a direct correlation between what is learned and real-life skills.

The purpose of Code of talent

code of talent purpose.png

The platform participants

code of talent key players.png

  • Learners get paid based on the course compilation and optional tests. They can socialize and interact directly with the teacher in a class of maximum of forty.
  • Teachers earn token based on learners feedback (or rating), number of completed course, number of students that applied, number of interaction with participants, results of tests, etc. They can decide to run tests during or after the course.
  • Employers can get to search for the best students to follow and nurture them. They will have access to the performance of learners which are stored on the blockchain.
  • Sponsors can support growing pool of talents. Sponsors pay token pool for one or several courses. They pay incentives to learners and educators.
  • Advertisers

Token details

code of talent token details.png

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  1. It’s actually a nice and useful piece of info. I am
    satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us. It will help to motivate learners and educators. Now students can find effective ways to make use of the internet and the blockchain

    Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hey there fantastic blog! Does running a blog like this take
    a large amount of work? I’ve virtually no understanding of
    coding but I was hoping to start my own blog in the near future.

    Anyhow, the idea of motivation of students through incentivization seems cool to me. Thanks a lot!


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