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AligatoCoin: A New Dimension of E-Commerce

Aligatocoin leverages the blockchain technology to revolutionize e-commerce. Not just that, through the Pay via Eye, Artificial Intelligence and Drone delivery system consumers can be guaranteed a secure, easy to use and easy to access e-commerce platform. With Aligatocoin the future of e-commerce is here.

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There are some aspects of E-commerce that all who are interested (both retailer and consumer) wants to evaluate before they utilize the same. These aspects are:

  • Security
  • Ease of access
  • Delivery


Anyone who will utilize any e-commerce channel first looks at how secure the platform is so that there will be no record of loss. The major aspect of security any e-commerce user wants to verify before use is the security of funds and personal data or shopping behavior. Through the evolution of the e-commerce over the years, there has been the tremendous introduction of new technologies which can easily revolutionize e-commerce. Though many e-commerce platforms are quick to adopt and implement these techs, the top e-commerce platforms are slow in adopting and implementing these techs. The present payment options utilized by these top e-commerce platforms have a defect, especially for the retailers. Retailers are charged 2% and more from all transactions by the payment options this is too high. There exist a lack of transparency too when using centralized payment options. Not just high commissions on a transaction and lack of transparency make the present centralized payment options integrated on most e-commerce less efficiency and disadvantageous, but the speed at which each payment is confirmed is also an aspect that makes them less efficient – they are slow. The present e-commerce channels are also lacking in adequately protecting their users from hackers as they mostly have only a single level of security such as passwords and lesser with double or triple layers of security (such as OTP, Google Authenticator, etc.)

Aligatocoin – Security through the Blockchain and PvE

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Aligato.pl which has been a polish e-commerce platform is integrating a new technology which will ensure the security of its customers. Through the integration of the blockchain technology into its already existing platform (aligato.pl) Aligatocoin will make payment processes very easy, secure and fast. The blockchain technology allows that all transaction data are stored on the blockchain where they cannot be changed or altered and visible to all. The transactions made on the blockchain are also very fast compared to the existing centralized payment processes and with a lower transaction fee.

Aligatocoin blockchain is based on the Proof of Stake system, this is different from the bitcoin blockchain which operates on Proof of Work (PoW – this requires a lot of energy and time to mine or confirm transactions). The Proof of Stake (PoS) system is based on voting and requires a far lesser amount of energy and time.

Taking security to the next level – Pay via Eye Technology

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The Aligatocoin platform does not only secure it users with passwords or keys which can easily be hacked. The platform is introducing a whole new technology to ascertain the security of its users which is the Pay via Eye (PvE). The Pay via Eye allows any customer to approve payments of any goods bought on the platform through retina scan with their Android phone camera or computer. The retina scan uses the multiple unique arrangements in the eye ligaments to help confirm payments. Studies have shown that the retina scan has a higher percentage of accuracy than the fingerprint scanner and face recognition which can go through deformation over time. The arrangement of the ligaments in the retina is unique (each eye is different from the other) and stays the same for life. Aligatocoin will combine the PvE with other measures of security such as OTP, fingerprints, Google Authenticator, to cater for failures in any case.

Ease of Access

Many times consumers get so bored using an e-commerce platform or online store when they are unable to get what they want. It is not as easy to use the search options on each online shop to get what one wants. It becomes a plus to any online retailer if they are able to anticipate the interest on their consumer. A retailer or e-commerce platform will get consumers coming back if they are able to understand their consumer’s desire and get what they want at the shortest possible time.

Aligatocoin and Artificial Intelligence

Aligatocoin will use Artificial Intelligence to be able to predict or find the interest of each consumer by the interpolation of their previous shopping behavior and other data. Consumers can easily open up a private chat with the friendly AI on the platform to get a more personalized search and recommendations on products that may be of interest to them.


The time consumers have to wait for their purchased goods to arrive at their homes is a big deal or major setback e-commerce face today. Consumers have to wait weeks for their shipment to be completed not to mentions charges and import duties for cross-country movements. There are a lot of innovations that are on test modes to be introduced to the e-commerce as time goes on.

Aligatocoin Drone Delivery – The future is here

The Aligatocoin proposes a drone delivery system for short distances for a more exciting experience and a shortened delivery period for it consumers. If deliveries can be by shipping and road transport why not air through a drone delivery system. Though the drone delivery system has a maximum weight per delivery it will give the consumer the power to be able to monitor their goods as it is being transported. The drone delivery system will be introduced later after the Aligatocoin platform is launched for some improvements to be made and patents to be acquired.

Personal Note

I was first satisfied that this project wasn’t a new one, instead, it has an already existing platform which will be tokenized. Next, the project became more interesting with the new technologies they want to introduce to the platform. I had some questions which I wanted some clarity on so I took to the Aligatocoin telegram (link at the end of the article). Screenshots of my questions and the replies from the admins are given below:

Token Details

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To know more about Aligatocoin you can visit the links below:




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