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Energy On the Blockchain- World Power Production

Energy and the World today


Ever wondered what life as we know it will be without energy such as electricity. Most technological breakthroughs came with the right use of available energy. Researches progress today to make man’s life worth it with the energy. A Few years back (even till date), one of the major criteria to rate each country’s ranking in world power is the amount of energy they produced. Many countries started building and using power plants which have gas, coal, etc. as the major elements for its operation. But only a decade ago progressive researches have identified that such elements are actually not good for the environment. Thus, the green energy source which has zero effects on the environment are sought out.

Energy and the Blockchain

The blockchain technology relies basically on electricity as all its functions are online. Bitcoin, the father of all cryptocurrency uses Proof of Work (PoW) consensus in confirming and creating new coins. In PoW consensus, computers need to perform complex calculations to confirm transactions or create new tokens, this is done to prevent the whole bitcoin network from takeover or scams of any sort. Since PoW needs complex calculations which normal computers may not be capable of handling Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC miners) were developed for the sole purpose of mining bitcoin. ASIC miners require a lot of energy to function and the power supply must be consistent and uninterrupted. This year, 2018, a lot of BTC mining rigs had to close down as it became hard for miners (especially those with previous editions of mining hardware) find it difficult to break even with their expenses (majorly energy costs). Thus it can be said that mining has become unprofitable for now all because of the energy costs (and other factors such as the complexity of the calculations to be completed by miners).

Cryptocurrency and Third world Countries

I am Ayobami Abiola from Nigeria, I am a crypto enthusiast. Being a Nigerian I know many of my friends from all over the world will want to know how it feels like being in my shoes. All my activities on the blockchain require that I am online for most of the day. As much as I love blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, I would have loved to mine cryptos via the mining hardware available. But I am not able to do so because power supply in the area I live in is epileptic.

To be an active miner, one must be able to keep hardware working all day long without power interruption. Where I live, it is only a mirage to think electricity supply can be for all day long as the conditions of the country doesn’t allow it. In addition to this, even if there were to be power supply all day long, the electric charges are very high it won’t allow the miner to break even in many years.

I would have opted in for a gasoline-electric generating set, but this cannot adequately serve the purpose. So I am not able to fully explore my desires as a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

The example given above shows the ordeal of many people whose desires cannot be fulfilled because they come from third world countries where the power supply is epileptic and bill charges are high.

World Power Production – WPP Energy

wpp energy logo.png

WPP energy is a corporation that focuses on providing low cost efficient green energy for all people in the world. The corporation looked at the effect that most power plants does to the environment, they seek to be the solution to the world by encouraging the production and usage of green energy. To achieve this aim, the corporation has created a global green energy platform which is available on the blockchain to link, producers and traders of green energy thus increasing the awareness for green energy, reducing costs and helping the world. WPP has several other projects which are put in place to help the production of green energy at low cost.

  • What is Green Energy: Green energy is the production of energy (fuel, electricity, etc.) from materials which do no harm to the environment. The release of gas from petroleum products such as Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, etc. depletes the ozone layer thus causing global warming. Green energy focuses on the uses of biofuels which are not harmful to the environment and can be replenished naturally as time goes on (renewable energy).

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

WPP energy is setting up long-term (20-35years) power purchase agreements with large corporations and many third world countries. This is to help produce green energy at low cost and at a higher efficiency. WPP energy through the PPAs will be able to deploy some of its MSW trucks into countries to help turn wastes into biofuels and materials which will be tradeable in local markets.

Some of the projects that WPP energy is embarking on are:

WPP Mobile MSW

wpp energy msw truck.png

Landfills make lands unusable as most wastes deposited on them are not biodegradable, burning them makes matters worse as gases which are emitted into the atmosphere only do greater harm. The MSW truck produced by WPP energy functions as normal trucks used to collect Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) from locations only that it converts these wastes into 97% biofuel (Hydrogen gas) and 3% ash which is also useful.  This truck is fueled or powered by Biofuel (which produced by the truck). The Truck can also produce electricity. (Many other details on the truck are in the WPP white paper- link below).

WPP Energy Mobile Power Station

WPP energy power station.png
WPP Mobile Power Station

This is a Power station which is moveable by truck, ship, or high powered Helicopter, which requires only a fresh-water line to produce electricity. The smallest power station has the capacity to produce 1MW per hour. This will help villages or settlements which are short out of the world. The power station can also be an effective source of light for mining rig, since it produces power efficiently, and at a lower cost.

HHO Clean Energy Conversion for Polluting Power Plants

WPP energy also offers HHO energy converter for power plants to increase their efficiency and reduce their operating cost. HHO energy converter can convert oil, coal, gasoline, natural gas power plants into green energy power plants through the Power Purchase Agreements for an increase in revenue for countries and large corporations.

Home Complete Energy Solution

wpp energy home solution.png
WPP Complete Home Solution

The Home complete energy solution is for home which wishes to disconnect from their power providers. The Home complete energy solution needs just water as its fuel and can pay for itself. This can be especially useful for people in countries which have epileptic power supplies, who wish to have a consistent power supply.

WPP on the Blockchain- The Global Green Energy Platform

All WPP projects have devices which connect them to the internet where their power production and health can be monitored. The owners of these plants have options to create an account and monitor their devices from anywhere in the world. WPP energy has a Global Green energy platform which helps to connect green energy producers and traders to provide green energy at wholesale prices. Energy agreements on the platform are made into contracts (smart contracts) which are tradeable on the platform. Payments on the platform can be done with fiats but the use of WPP token are encouraged as it attracts discounts.

WPP energy has also announced recently on their telegram group that it will soon list its token to be traded on Huobi exchange.


The next phase of power production in the world today is the Green energy, it should be encouraged in the world today, and many researchers are needed to make more researches in this area as the world needs it.

All images not sourced are from the WPP Energy White Paper

For further information on WPP Energy, you can Visit:

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Bitcointalk ANN | Facebook

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All information provided above are results of some of my personal findings. This article was written for information and education purposes, they should be taken and used as such. This is not a financial advice, you should contact your financial adviser for such. All project names and details mentioned are existent and Ok to the best of my knowledge. STAY SAFE.


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