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Wealth Management on the Blockchain- MPCX

MPCX is a wealth management services platform built on the ethereum blockchain to help innovative users manage their crypto portfolio transparently with high-quality plans.

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The blockchain technology is fast growing because it seeks to ease the life of every adopter financially and in every other aspect of life. The blockchain technology in its first years (as bitcoin) solved the major challenges faced by users of the traditional financial systems.

  • It helped to significantly reduce the transaction times and fees no matter the distance
  • It helped to solve transparency issues as the details of each transaction made on it is visible to all.
  • It helped to solve security issues as it works on decentralized systems which are unhackable.
  • Etc.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Updates

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As the years passed by, there were many other innovations that came with the implementation of several other blockchains apart from the bitcoin’s; smart contracts through the ethereum blockchain which allows many projects to be built on it making them decentralized, Proof of Stake blockchains through Eos, waves, stellar, etc. which increases transactions speed and reduce power consumption, etc.

Even with all these updates, the blockchain technology still faced a major challenge that is restricting its wide adoption. This major challenge is the ability to use the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology in our day-to-day life. For example, cryptos cannot be used to buy groceries, clothing in stores, pay for services, etc. This restricted the use of cryptos in many aspects where fiat currencies are used. Today many projects have surfaced with interesting innovations to increase the wide adoption of the blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies with a view to making cryptocurrency spendable as with fiat currencies. Making cryptos spendable or useable for the day-to-day living still needs more focus.

But the challenge remains for those who have adopted the crypto as there are very limited wealth management services with transparency and high quality.

What is Wealth Management?

Forbes defined wealth management as the science of solving/enhancing a person’s financial situation. Wealth management is poised at helping a person increase his wealth using plans which will ensure the increase. Instead of using advises from multiple professionals on services or plans which may or may not work, wealth managers are consulted to help handle all aspect of a person’s financial life. Wealth managers help to monitor the spread patterns of the client in such a way to achieve his/her set goal (life goals). The manager meets with the client on a regular basis for review, investigation of the present plan (if it can still work or another plan or service is needed), or re-strategizing.

Despite the grave importance of wealth management, there are very limited transparent and high-quality wealth management services for people who have their portfolios in cryptos.

MPCX- Wealth Management Services on the Blockchain

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MPCX is a wealth management services platform built on the ethereum blockchain to help innovative users manage their crypto portfolio transparently with high-quality plans. MPCX provides a lot of other services which is aimed at aggregating all crypto financial services into one place. This is achievable with all the transparent and high-quality wealth management plans that MPCX has in place for all platform users or clients.
MPCX has competent team members with a high number of years of experience in financial services to help clients manage their crypto portfolio for an increase. There are well-set plans which are thoroughly designed to help users manage their wealth to achieve their set life goals.

Artificial Intelligence for Roboadvisory

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Since wealth management is mostly about financial advice or consultancy, MPCX will offer Digital wealth management services with it roboadvisory. The Digital Smart Investment Mandate (DSIM) on the platform will offer roboadvisory to help deliver auto-rebalancing for crypto portfolio. The DSIM will also offer high-quality crypto lending strategies and reports. The roboadvisory on the platform talks about the work of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the platform. The AI combines all client’s information and creates a Digital Smart Investment Mandate based on the information gathered so as to achieve the client’s life goal. Through the DSIM created by the AI, the client’s portfolio is checked from time to time for automatic recalculation and readjustments. This can also be done manually.

Diversification and Transparency = MPCX Crypto Investable Indices

MPCX believes that diversification and transparency are the keys to long-term growths of investments. This is why the platform is offering several Digital Wealth Management products which are solely created for innovative investors on the platform. Through the three crypto investable indices on the platform, investors can increase their portfolio returns and diversify their wealth.

The Crypto Large Cap Index (CLT) helps users to hold the top 10 coins by market cap with 10% maximum weight. The Mid Cap Index (M20T) helps to hold the next top 20 coins after the first top 10 coins with 10% maximum weight. The Smart Beta Factor Exposure Crypto Index (SBCI) helps to hold 200coins with a maximum weight of 5% per coin. On an optimized basis, all of the index weights are adjusted and recalculated.

Token Details

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The XDMC tokens will be used to pay for all services on the platform.

50% of the platform returns will be used to buyback XDMC tokens on regular basis from exchanges and part of it will be burned. This will reduce the number of tokens in circulation thus increasing its value.

MPCX platform has a whole lot of other interesting use cases which you will find out by following the links below:




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