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Stock/ Equity Market experiences the Blockchain Technology Firsthand without creating a Cryptocurrency for each asset.


CryptoCurrency and the Stock Market

One of the biggest development in the stock market is the integration of blockchain technology. We now see stocks, or ETFs that are blockchain based thus revolutionizing the stock or equity market. There is no greater achievement for the blockchain technology than to have assets that are both tradeable as Stock and cryptocurrency. The stock market will also be a great beneficiary of the same for the immense advantages of blockchain technology. With Cryptocurrency Stocks/equity, there are more security and stock traders are given the opportunity to experience the blockchain tech.

But the growth of this outstanding development has been very slow. Why? To launch a Security token which can adequately fit as a stock, it needs to pass through many security checks by the SEC which takes a long period of time to confirm Genuity. There are many specifications that a security token must adhere to if it will not be banned. These processes take a long period of time and scrutiny. The ones that pass the test takes a long period of time.

The AhrvoDeex Initiative


Well, AhrvoDeex is bringing an alternative to help stock traders to experience firsthand blockchain experience. As a registered Broker, Ahrvo decentralized Equity Exchange envisions an Alternate Trading Platform for a faster settlement of trades using a blockchain solution with the creation of cryptocurrency assets. The platform will use the blockchain technology to communicate with each user’s traditional brokerage account using a real-time accounting system so values are always mirroring each other. So in essence instead of tokenizing stocks and equities which takes a lot of processes (with the law and all), AhrvoDeex integrates user’s traditional stock accounts in such a way that when users trade with the blockchain order matching, their accounts are added and deducted as though they are using traditional stocks trading only better because it is secure, transparent and fast.

Settlements of trades will be fast since it does not need any intermediary such as clearinghouses and their fees- the trades are simply peer-to-peer.

A Fork of Stellar

The AhrvoDeex order matching blockchain engine will be a fork of Stellar protocol for obvious advantages. Stellar has close to zero fees (0.00001XLM) for trades or settlements. It is also very fast and does not consume energy as with Bitcoin mining. For this reason, AhrvoDeex will complete 2000 to 2500 transactions per second and transaction will be completed with 3 to 5 seconds with super low trading fees.


Additionally, AhrvoDeex is making it super easy for Stock traders to onboard their accounts through the Automated Customer Account Transfer System (ACATS). As though it is not enough, traders also earn cryptocurrency for completed trades.

Stock Ranking


One of the major reasons why I quitted stock and Forex trading a few years ago was because I couldn’t understand it- it was just too complex. I would have loved to have a personal trainer or someone to give me a heads-up about investments that are worth it but no. Now, AhrvoDeex is making life easier for starters, a Ranking system. AhrvoDeex has built a ranking system for top equities on its application (available on Android and iOs) so that users can make wise investment decisions. You can see the overall ranking of an asset based on four criteria: momentum, value, Quality, and Growth. One will also find the market sentiments and historical details for the asset.

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