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QuantumPay: Financial Services Platform for All

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QuantumPay is a financial service platform built on the ethereum blockchain to encance a wide adoption of the blockchain technology by making cryptocurrencies spendable for day-to-day activities.


Blockchain and Fintechs

It is no more news that the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency is groundbreaking in the financial sector making life easy for it users. Many people adopt these financial technologies (fintechs) for the different advantages it offered them:

  • It helps to cut all intermediaries (e.g. banks) and allows for more transparency as all transactions are visible to everyone and anonymously.
  • It cuts the distance and transaction times as there are no border barriers. People can now use the technology to send funds overseas in a matter of minutes, instead of days as experienced before.
  • Transaction fees on the blockchain are way lower than that of banks.
  • The blockchain technology secures all data (transactions) stored on it through decentralization.

The Disadvantage

But there is a catch; the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are still in their infancy. Cryptocurrencies cannot be used for day-to-day transactions. For example using cryptocurrencies to book for hotels, pay bills, top up mobiles, buy game credits etc. There are a very few innovations on the blockchain that has tried to solve this challenge. The inability to use cryptocurrencies for the day-to-day living has greatly limited its adoption in the world today.

Blockchain technology is still unable to adequately provide financial services to the unbanked especially those who do not have access to the internet. The blockchain technology works on the internet as this technology depends on data stored on different computer systems located all over the world. Thus it is unable to provide service for those who are not connected to the internet. Most projects on the blockchain today shy away from these unserved population but only the best recognized the enormous need and market that exists offline.

QuantumPay- The financial service platform with a difference


QuantumPay is a financial service platform built on the ethereum blockchain to enhance a wide adoption of the blockchain technology by making cryptocurrencies spendable for day-to-day activities. And making these services available to all both online and offline. QuantumPay with its groundbreaking technology is making cryptocurrencies accessible and usable to all. In addition to the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrencies has made immense improvements to the traditional financial system, by cutting all intermediaries and their fees, making transactions faster and secure, etc.; QuantumPay is making all these advantages better by making cryptocurrencies spendable for day-to-day activities Through QuantumPay, users can now use QPAY (the platform token) to book hotels, pay bills, make mobile top-ups, do online shopping, etc. All of these are available through the Quantum Pay mobile wallet.

QuantumPay for Online and Offline Users

QuantumPay Wallet

Quantum pay makes financial services available to users through the mobile app wallet. Through the mobile app wallet, users can store their QPAY and Ethereum tokens. Other top cryptocurrencies will be available for storage as the platform develops. Aside from the use of Qpay mentioned above, through the mobile app wallet, an employer can pay the salaries of employees who are abroad in a matter of minutes.

QuantumPay services are not only actively available for those who are online, but it is also available for users who are offline. The platform has an SMS service available for offline users to use. Through the Qpay SMS services, offline users can take advantage of the blockchain technology just as online users do. Thus Quantum pay is making financial services available to the unbanked and accessing the usually forgotten market.


All transactions are recorded and secured through the blockchain technology with decentralization. QuantumPay wallet comes with improved safety-encoded private keys which are steadily deposited in the local sandbox structure. There is the 2fa security to ensure users are triple protected.


Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology couldn’t be better, Qpay ensures that there is a wider adoption of the technology by all and sundry. No worries, there are companies which are ready to adapt Quantumpay when it is launched, like Untroubled Job Co., Handy, Swiss charity, and KUMA.

For further information on QuantumPay, you can Visit:

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