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Digibyte: A mentor in Decentralization

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Digibyte has shown Decentralization on all sides. From its algorithm and organization, you can grasp more what decentralization is all about.

Decentralization in Nature

Cut a flatworm into four, you’ll have four new flatworms- now that is that is uncommon with other living things. Cut the major life support for living organisms and they are gone. But rare living things like flatworms and plants like aloe-vera have taught us all that what is common is not the only one that can be. Centralization is the crux of the world’s system today especially in the financial system. This is the major reason why Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology was invented. But as time went on, even Bitcoin began developing cancer in its mining. This cancer is the mining centralization. 

A mirage for many crypto projects

Aside this many other blockchain or cryptocurrency now pursue decentralization as it has seemingly become a mirage. This is because some greedy individuals think they should be at the apex of the whole matter and nothing should function without them. These kinds of greedy thoughts return us to the organogram of the corporate world which we seek to escape from. Systems should have no single point of failure but organograms crumble with a single failure point.

Digibyte: Decentralization Mentor for Blockchains

Digibyte has shown on all sides that it is decentralized. From its algorithm and organization, you can grasp more what decentralization is all about. Jared Tate, Digibyte’s founder, released a series of tweet days ago about taking a break from active development on Digibyte blockchain you can get a glimpse below:

These words really spurred a lot of confusion from those who do not know what Digibyte stands for. But Josiah Spackman made an article about it explaining in the simplest terms what it meant, and seriously he did a very good job. It is saddening that many still do not understand that after Jared created Digibyte 8 years ago, the project became standalone and independent. Jared for these 8 years is just equal to all core developers or miners on the blockchain. His sabbatical does not mean Digibyte is gone. Digibyte stays no matter what because it is now a community, a decentralized community and that is what every reader should understand. In a decentralized community, everyone is the same, and the opinion of the community is the only one that is acknowledged. Jared himself has made it clear in a subsequent tweet that what gainsayers said wasn’t true:

Sydney Ifergan, the founder of The Currency Analytics, has this to say:

Sydney was right when he said a decentralized community must stand on its own merits and not on the opinion of its founder and Digibyte has proven that fact. What do you think about this?

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