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Cube Chain AI Agent and P2P Transaction Marketplace Messenger

Cube On is a decentralized platform that rewards content creators for their contents. It allows the content of the creators to gain visibility through the contribution of their audience or participants. The platform allows participants or audiences to contribute or donate to a creator’s work with ‘stake’ or ‘work’ function existing on the platform. When the creator’s content gathers more donations from the participants, the creator is rewarded with tokens. The gathered contributions (points) from the participants give the creator an access or permission to create or open his/her marketplace under a category on the cube chat.

Cube chain will combine the features of Telegram, Steemit, Qbao, and PropTech, improve on them and make a great platform to benefit all participants.

Personal Experience with Steemit

Steemit is a decentralized platform that seeks to reward content creators for their work. Through the function of steem power and reputation, users are able to contribute to a creator’s content and profit for upvoting their works. Creators get more reputation when users with bigger or larger steem power upvote their work. Steem power can be earned (through the creation of great content), bought through the process of powering up (buying) or delegated (from users or businesses that give steem power in exchange for money). Users with more steem power earn more for upvoting content creator’s works and those with lesser steem power earn less. Though this is a very great innovation, it has many flaws that draw content creators of good quality posts into obscurity. Users with bigger steem power can upvote themselves and gain more from the reward pool, thus translating into higher reputation.

On steemit today, many content creators gain lesser and lesser visibility because they are hidden in shadows through the selfishness of some whales (users with bigger or larger steem power) who upvote themselves or decide to sell their upvotes. Their works cannot be seen because whales play politics and get themselves ‘self-upvote’ thus claiming most of the reward pool. Others who have lesser power (the minnows or redfish) scramble under the shadows of the whales to gain visibility or money not for what they like to do but what can attract the attention of the whales. Though there has been community effort to mitigate these faults, as more and more content creators join each day, it becomes harder and harder to deal with.

Cube ON – A prospective antidote to steemit

Cube ON aim to profit ALL content creators who create good quality work. ANY member can earn tokens by recommending content by ‘stake’ or ‘work’ functions existing on the platform. The content creator can then be rewarded GENEROUSLY when they make good quality contents. Since the works posted will be on the blockcahin, they are irreversible and cannot be deleted or modified.

Personal Note: I am very sure that as Cube Chain improves on the flaws of steemit, it will in no time become the face of SNS. I know things about steemit because I have been on the platform for close to a year now (you can check my profile @ayobami99 on steemit).


Our platform is a chatbot service that utilizes AI and Big Data and has a smart agent function that allows various companies to get real contracts. Secondly, it is a messenger that can make P2P transactions safely and can deal with online contents as well as offline goods and services. We suggest various ways to sell contents such as articles, videos, webtoons, and products.


On Cube ON corporates can create or construct call center functions that are already in existence with the ASM. The ASM on cube ON is a customized Artificial Intelligence (AI) service that can communicate effectively with customers through machine learning and deep learning. ASM can communicate effectively with customers by analyzing big data. This will effectively reduce the cost of operating call centers and reward customers who use ASM with tokens. ASM can be used 24/7 and it is much faster than the existing call centers. Call centers can sometimes experience overloads and customers in a queue waiting to be attended to but this is ruled out with ASM which is an AI. Through machine learning and deep learning, ASNM will increase the accuracy of answers and thus cut the waiting periods for customers. Customers get rewarded with tokens when they use the ASM as they are contributing to making the AI better through learning to interact with real people.

Cube Chat

Cube chat is a messenger based marketplace. It has a wallet, ledger, coins and escrow functions to make real-time payment. With Cube chat, e-commerce just got better as all intermediaries are removed thus allowing buyers and sellers to interact and transact effectively. With the escrow function, buyers are protected from fraud.

Token Details


For further information on CUBE CHAIN, you can read:






All Images credit except the first: Whitepaper

Thanks for reading. I am @ayobami99


  1. This is great news for content creators to get seen. I like the idea that a content creator gets to open a marketplace from the points they get…. Thats great

  2. i like to write or make content, but i hate politics, do you think this cube chain will not turn out like steemit?

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