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Covalent Answers: Why On Earth Would you need Blockchain Data?

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My first insight on Blockchain data explored the core uses of blockchain data. It literally answered the question “why Blockchain Data”. Properly indexed blockchain data should be descriptive, predictive, diagnostic, and prescriptive. But alas, there is no blockchain-based app, to really access all these qualities. Covalent API has been the only answer for developers. It was revealed that its developers have borne the heaviest load. Developers can focus on how their front end will look like. All they need is a Covalent unified API.

Covalent recently launched its Hackathon, to encourage community members and developers alike to show what they can do with their API. Below is an account of a personal experience, and a revelation of what you can achieve with Blockchain data.

Personal Experience Handling Indexed Blockchain Data via a Unified API

Here I was sitting down enjoying my “non-developer” life. You won’t understand what it means to be an enthusiast in a space that is built around developers. As a writer, I wish every day that I could be one but I have found that I have very little passion for it. Well, my perspective changed as Covalent brought in their Onemillionwallets community challenges. For what it’s worth, I followed the second challenge because I thought it will be very easy as the first (the first challenge was to follow the social media accounts of Covalent). After watching the video, it turns out, it was very easy.

blockchain data to build plug in

With the help of Covalent unified API, I was able to deploy a Chrome plug-in that displays Crypto Spot prices. It brought in a level of satisfaction and built my confidence a little. Seeing the level of creativity of some people’s submissions made me jealous and challenged me more for the next one.

What can you do with Blockchain Data?

You can build cool apps like Blockfolio or plugins that display crypto spot prices. 

The next challenge was to build an NFT wallet Dashboard. For this, I stretched myself to search online on how to tweak page styles in Html. I spent a lot of time rewriting the API codes to display different NFTs and different details.

blockchain data to build NFT wallet dashboard

After my submission, I saw others who did extra-ordinary. But, being a non-dev, I pat myself on the back, knowing I did my best. I submitted my works for the silver wallet bounties (here are they: 1 and 2). I hope I win.

What can you build with Blockchain Data?

You can build cool wallet interphases to reveal different details about wallets e.g an NFT wallet that can reveal in-depth details about any NFT of choice.


You really do not need any form of coding-experience to use Covalent’s API. The code has already been written. You can easily tweak it however you like. It is a “no-code” solution.

Blockchain Data: An unexplored aspect of the Tech

There are a lot of things that do not exist which should on the blockchain. All these are because of limited access to properly indexed data. Covalent has made it possible and encouraged developers to see the unthreaded/ unexplored universe of opportunities. As an app developer, you really don’t need to bother about blockchain codes, covalent has done that with very easy-to-understand documentation. What do you think will be the next mainstream D’APP that will be built with Covalent API?

Do you want to Begin Building Cool D’Apps with Covalent API? Start Here



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