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BOUNTY HUNTER’S LOUNGE- Bitcointalk Signatures

Bounty Hunter’s Lounge

Hello everyone, this section of Cryptostocksreviews is dedicated to bounty hunters to get to know cool ways to make some cash using the cryptocurrencies and blockchain without actually investing. I think it is very safe for newbies who are looking for where to begin. If you have the money, investing in the blockchain or cryptocurrency is a very great thing but without adequate knowledge, and experience you can easily lose all. Don’t get it twisted if you are a master in forex trading or stock exchange, you may/can still lose ALL because the blockchain is a very different ball game. The blockchain is still in its infancy so it is still mostly unpredictable so the best way to learn more, to me, is to try and understand them by reading and socializing. One of the most secure entry point into the blockchain and cryptocurrency is the bounty hunting.


P.S. If you haven’t read my article on bounty hunting for Bounty0x, you should here:

Bounty0x- A decentralized platform for Bounty hunters

Because I have written more on bounty hunts in that article, I won’t go over it again.



So all hands down, you might be wondering what many of the words I used over meant, I will let you in on some keywords as simple as possible (as I understood them)


Blockchain: It is a digital ledger that is used for keeping track of transactions according to their time of occurrence. These digital ledgers are decentralized meaning that they are stored on different locations scattered around the world and no single file is stored in a location, rather each file is distributed across different location. There are different blockchains that work on different principles, for example, the bitcoin blockchain works on the principle of Proof of Work. Proof of Work simply means that for a transaction to be confirmed as genuine on the network it has to do some complex calculations the answers to which must tally with that which is on the nodes (or network), this requires a lot of power and speed as these work (calculations) are complex. Other blockchains are Etherium (which brought Smart Contracts into play allowing many projects to be built on it), stellar, etc.


Cryptocurrency: This can be seen as a means of transaction on the blockchain. It is a digital currency or e-currency.

Others you need to do research by yourself or you will get to know about them as you relate more with crypto enthusiasts.

One of the best ways to get more rewards from bounty hunting is translation campaigns, but because most of the people may not fit into this category (else if you understand some international language aside from English), signature campaigns are very profitable and easy to achieve.


First you need a bitcointalk account register at https://bitcointalk.org but some of you will not be able to interact with others especially if you are coming from a blacklisted countries like Nigeria, in that case, you have to send a token of $2 to the bitcoin wallet address specified on the website so that your account can be unlocked. Else if you have a relative or friend outside the blacklisted countries you can tell them to register for you. As stated in Bounty0x- A decentralized platform for Bounty hunters bitcointalk is a forum created originally to support the development of bitcoin but later became a forum for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. On the forums there are separate rooms and there are rules that guide each room that you need to know and follow. On bitcointalk there are levels that are awarded to you for your contribution to the platform. You start from being a newbie or fresh member, to junior member, full member, senior member, etc. As you continue to interact with the community with meaningful contributions you will be awarded merits from the platform members and your level will continue to rise. But you don’t need a merit to reach the junior membership, it will only take up to three months and thirty posts for you to reach a junior member (it is done so that by this time you will have known how the platform operates).


Bitcointalk Signature:

bitcointalk signature.png

A bitcointalk signature is like a written message at the back of your T-shirt which people can see wherever you go. Where ever you make a post on bitcointalk, your signature appears below it. But the length or complexity of the signature you can carry depends on the level you have attained. But this feature is not available for fresh members whose accounts are less than three months and less than thirty posts.


As explained briefly on bounty campaigns pays you in tokens for you to wear their signatures. Many times the least required level is a junior member. All you need to do is to copy the given code.


Go to your profile

bounty-bitcointalk profile.png

Click the forum Profile information

bounty- forum profile information.png

Locate the signature and paste what you copied then paste.

bounty- signature.png

Many times the campaign will only require that you make a minimum of ten posts in a week in a relevant channel. You can always go into altcoin discussions and click any of the posts, reply as you like but make sure it is relevant or useful, else you will be kicked. Also, avoid making all your ten posts under a topic else it can be considered spamming. Other things you will get to know as time goes on. And don’t ever Forget to follow CAMPAIGN RULES and FORUM RULES else you may not get your reward and you may be given a negative trust.

Negative Trust: A negative trust is a warning to all forum members to be careful relating with the carrier.


Some Campaigns with Signature Campaigns

Be sure to always follow this blog as campaigns will be listed, many of which I am into. Campaigns are always on bitcointalk threads just go to Bounties thread. You can also register at alpha.bounty0x.io or bountyhive.io to see some cool campaigns.


  1. Well-done guy, bounty hunting is the safest way to make newbies in crypto without losing money….. Am still planning to launch my own project which will aim at helping and guiding newbies with the latest bounty in town soon, watch out…..


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