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Arbolet: Driving Cryptocurrency Education to the Ends of the World

Arbolet is a platform that is focusing on awareness and education of its community about the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.  The platform is bigger than just an info-educative platform but an arsenal of innovation which cannot be covered in one shot.

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Bitcoin on the Blockchain

Bitcoin created ten years ago, is yet to reach its full potential as its still being discovered. This discovery is made possible as projects arise daily which help to gradually uncover the golden treasure of unending opportunities hidden in it. After Bitcoin, came other projects which are built on the same principle (blockchain) to help unravel the mystery.

Merits of the blockchain Technology

Through bitcoin, the advantages of the blockchain technology and cryptographic currencies became spelled out or unraveled. Especially in the finance industry, the blockchain has proven to be better and more advantageous than its predecessors (fiat currencies). Some of these advantages are:

  • The Speed of Delivery: Transactions on the blockchain takes an average of fifteen minutes (for bitcoin blockchain and far lesser for other blockchains like stellar)
  • Transaction Costs: Transaction costs are lesser no matter the location.
  • No Intermediaries: Blockchain helps to remove all intermediaries and their costs allowing people to connect and interact directly.
  • Security: The blockchain secures files and records on it through decentralization. This means that files/records stored on the blockchain are not on a single computer but distributed on multiple computers all over the world. Any user who wants to make any changes to any of the files must retrieve parts of the file scattered all over.
  • No Boundaries: The blockchain technology operates with no boundaries and it is without government.

The shortcoming

As great as the advantages bitcoin (cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology as a whole) presents, it is still yearning for adoption. Many people still think cryptocurrency is for the tech geeks as they do not understand it. According to a survey conducted on Finder.com, results showed that 92% of Americans do not own cryptocurrency, 29.99% women and 23.63% men said it is too complicated to understand. 11.75% women and 10.99% men said it is too difficult to use.

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Though this survey may be limited, it only shows a picture of what the world thinks about cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.


If the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain is going to increase, people need to be adequately educated. Education can go a long way to help people know more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and use it. Even the old users and traders need a platform to help educate them more about cryptocurrency. They need a platform to help them keep up with news of what is happening all over the crypto ecosystem which is scattered all over the internet.

Arbolet- The Home of Crypto Info-Education

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Arbolet is a platform that is focusing on awareness and education of its community about the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. Its public launch was in 2015 in the Czech Republic with the aim of enlightening the people of Czech about bitcoin and the blockchain technology thus driving its adoption. The platform is bigger than just an info-educative platform but an arsenal of innovation which cannot be covered in one shot.

From Czech to the Whole World

Arbolet made its public launch in 2015 by the founders who believe strongly that bitcoin and the blockchain is the future of the finance industry. These are very hard working people who pushed their team to present one of the best platforms ever seen. They are very successful in educating the people of Czech.

The founders believe that the innovation behind the platform is not just for the people of Czech or Poland, but the people of the world needs to know about bitcoin. Thus they are making every effort to inform the world about great innovations.

Arbolet: Info-Educative platform (Arbovinky, News)

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For Newbies

Arbolet provides information and enlightenment for new adopters of bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology (Arbovinky). The founders understand that incentivization is the greatest motivation for learning. Therefore they are making efforts to give incentives to people who show aptitude or interest in what the platform is doing. The platform is giving Akredits (which will soon be convertible to spendable money) every time you read articles on the platform. To ensure there is no cheating, there is a timer on each article which must read to zero before the user is awarded Akredits. Not just this, the platform is running quiz from time to time on what the platform is doing and general questions on cryptocurrency on their telegram group. Winners of the quizzes will earn bitcoins for their answers which are deposited on their Arbolet Bitcoin wallet. (The quiz is still on, you can join here – it continues next Sunday).

For Old adopters

Arbolet has the vision to provide up to date news from different sources chronologically as they happen to keep investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts updated and relevant. One of the major challenges that many encounters relating to cryptocurrency are access to news early and the interpretation or analysis of the news. There are many news outlets which are somewhat impossible to keep up with. But with the help of the editors, news can be brought from all reliable sources to help the community.

There is also the prediction and analysis center where the current state of the cryptocurrency market is analyzed and the future state is predicted. This section is handled by professionals who understand the market.

There is also Forum to help all users interact with each other. It also incentivizes all users for their activity.

For Editors or Writers

Arbolet is the home that breeds editors to train them to become better in their chosen fields. The platform is open to writers who wish to be made visible to thousands of readers, learn from the experience of the chief editor, and earn for providing updates, quality and plagiarized contents for the education and information of the community. Here are some things you need to know if you will be a contributor/editor on the platform:

  • You will receive full guidelines from the editor in Chief before being ascertained an editor.
  • The platform has zero tolerance for low, plagiarized or unsourced contents.
  • The platform has a feature to allow readers to point out editors mistakes.

Cool huh? Why not join in and make yourself better or visible. There are especially open spots for writers who understand Polish and English to reach a wider audience.

For web owners, designers, and Businesses

The platform provides consultancy and supports for web owners, blog creators, and businesses who wish to make their businesses known or reach a wider audience. You could receive a full backing from the platform if the team loves your work. The platform is also providing a payment gateway for businesses that need them.

More on Arbolet Services


The platform provides a classical BTC wallet beside USD, EUR, PLN, CZK ones, that are pegged to fiat currency. Earning made from the platform are also stored on the wallets. For those who will like to stay totally anonymous, the platform provides anonymization tool for bitcoin address which changes BTC address used from time to time (A-Gate). Talk about security, there are different levels of security which can be enabled from the platform.

Investment Opportunities

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Arbolet has investments in very many areas one of which is active cryptocurrency trading by staffs. Users can invest funds which will accrue interest to them per annum. There are different layers of investment on cryptocurrency and fiat (you can get to know more about this on the platform). Arbolet is interested more in the activeness of investors rather than their investments. Therefore, all investors who wish to leverage the full capacity of interests from their investments must fulfill some tasks to be able to unlock different layers of investments. The platform wishes to uses this means to educate the investors not just to be complacent and feel they have to do nothing.

Arbolet Internal Payment Gate

This is the payment gateway on the platform. This gateway serves for e-shops and people who want to buy or sell things as well as exchange money in / out Arbolet via Community Exchange Office. Businesses can use the payment gate to accept bitcoin on their websites. Using the payment gate does not need any technical Know-how, the staffs on the platform will help all business owners to set things up.

P2P Multimedia

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Arbolet provides a great platform to provide high-quality Media (songs, movies, photos, ebooks). These media are available for download for all users (Check here).

Though not so many videos, music, or eBooks for now but the ones that are available are of high quality, you can check for yourself.


The platform provides incentives for all users who will help promote the platform and its services. There is the referral link you can share to earn from the investments of your downlines.

More than what this Article can cover

Arbolet has not stopped innovations for there are more services they offer than the scope of this article. I had to limit what I write after seeing what this platform is bringing to the world.


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Source: Telegram

That was my reaction after seeing all the services that the platform has to offer, the list is just inexhaustible.

Arbolet is still in the development stage as they are preparing to take the world and enlighten it with the crypto-Knowledge.

Get to know more About Arbolet here:

Website | Telegram | Facebook CZ/SK | Faccebook EN

All images not sourced are from https://arbolet.net

Thanks for reading. I am @ayobami99. You can also reach me on bitcointalk and blog for more exciting contents on the blockchain technology.



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