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AiBB: AI Crypto Portfolio

AiBB is bringing in artificial intelligence to ease work for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders who wish to be on top of their games not missing any updates, news, or professional analysis of the current cryptocurrency state, to make profits.

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Cryptocurrency Enthusiast and His Cryptoassets

As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, one cannot deny having crypto assets in many projects and blockchains which must be monitored on a daily basis if one will make profits. Signals, trending news relating to the asset you hold must be kept up with if one will make wise decisions as to when one can sell of his asset.

Another major characteristic of a crypto enthusiast is that he will have accounts with many exchanges. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges today where one can change tokens to another, but not all have all desired tokens or coins trading on them. Neither does each trade the same token at the same price or volume. Therefore a cryptocurrency trader or enthusiast needs to register in multiple exchanges so he can exchange his desired token or coin or compare and contrast the prices and volume of his target token from different exchanges.

Personal Experience

I fall into the category of a cryptocurrency enthusiast. My job from day to day is to check up updates about the cryptos I hold. I am self-taught, I don’t have anyone to put me through, so I have to read up on my own. Many of the times, I get my updates/news from the official telegram group of the token I hold.

I have registered in more cryptocurrency exchange than I can remember (I know I must have more than ten of them). Many of these exchanges I registered with, I have to pass their Know Your Customer (KYC) policy before I can trade with them. Sometimes I had struggled with some of the exchanges as they couldn’t accept my KYC documents.

The Pains

One of the major challenges I have faced in the cryptocurrency world is lack of adequate information at the right time. There is no way you can just keep up with these updates as they keep coming- we are humans. Many at times when I get my hand on these updates, I still cannot interpret them to make a right decision to make profits (I know, some professionals can, but I am no professional, I am just learning).

I was talking with a friend recently who was recounting his experience with a cryptocurrency portfolio app he had been using. He thought he had all current update and price of all his crypto asset but no. He later got to know that he had missed a pump in a particular asset which got listed on another exchange making the price to spike up. He only got to know about it at the end of the pump when the prices had gone down. He missed out and lost a lot of money because he lacked information or news.


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AiBB is bringing in artificial intelligence to ease work for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders who wish to be on top of their games not missing any updates, news, or professional analysis of the current cryptocurrency state, to make profits. Through AiBB, a cryptocurrency trader can easily keep up to date with news and updates from different sources. With the help of the AI analysis, a trader can get to trade tokens at the best price (from different exchanges). AiBB has API integration from the top ten exchanges in the crypto sphere to help traders trade at the best prices.

Through AiBB a trader needs not to go through all security protocols logging in to his different exchanges from time to time. Each trader can authorize AiBB to access his account (on AiBB supported exchanges) through secure API so he doesn’t need to login over and over again, all actions can be done through the AiBB app.

AiBB APP: Chatting with Ai

The AIBB application has everything a crypto enthusiast needs to monitor his crypto assets. Each user has the help of the AI to help with updates, analysis and other help to make a decision for high gains. Take a look at the gif below to get a glimpse of what you can do with AiBB.

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The Artificial Intelligence on AiBB is not just a robot which is rigid, it learns with every action made. With the expertise imputed into it, it can analyze the current market situation, taking into consideration the updates and news, to give the best line or course of action for each user on the crypto asset held by them. With AiBB you do not need to be logging in to several exchanges you had registered, all you need is to authorize AiBB secured API from the AiBB supported exchanges once and for all, you can then monitor what goes on in all your exchanges account from inside AiBB securely.

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You don’t need to bother yourself checking all exchanges to get the best price when you want to exchange tokens, the AI on AiBB does that for you. It will search all over and bring you the best exchange price for your tokens. You can also perform swaps from AiBB, as it supports services from the best swap providers.


Yes, everyone needs to know if their assets will be secure using the service. With different layers of authentication, from biometric to email and phone number confirmations, to google authentication, to different layers of imputing pin (logging in and at the point of trading) AiBB secures it users from the theft of all kinds. Read more about the security protocols from the white paper.

Token Authentication Protocol – AiBB

Many times when one needs to send tokens to friends, you have to be double sure of the address you are sending to else, tokens may be lost. Some people like to send a small number of tokens first to confirm, this takes times and transaction fees. On AiBB the only condition to send tokens is that the recipient must be a registered user on AiBB. All the sender needs is to specify the number of tokens to be sent to the recipient, the tokens sent will be deposited into the right address of the recipient. Even if the recipient doesn’t have the wallet address to contain the incoming token, AiBB automatically creates an address for it so everyone is happy.

What Do You Think Should be my Reaction?

Getting to know this kind of project is not just an eye opener but an asset saver for me, as I anticipate to use the service as soon as it is ready.

Is that All?

AiBB offers a wide variety of services that cannot be covered with the scope of this article, though lengthy, you can follow up with them through the links below:

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Bitcointalk ANN | Facebook

All images are taken from the AiBB white paper and website

Thanks for reading. I am @ayobami99. You can also reach me on bitcointalk and blog for more exciting contents on the blockchain technology.


  1. This article is one of the best I have read about cryptocurrency. AiBB app is going to bring a great reward and asset saver to crypto enthusiasts with the help of it Artificial intelligence. AiBB security is going to be awesome too.


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