Ironx: The needed Crypto Exchange

Ironx is bringing the parallel market of Cryptocurrency and forex to a platform for an utmost great experience for it users.

Energy On the Blockchain- World Power Production

WPP energy is a corporation that focuses on providing low cost efficient green energy for all people in the world. The corporation looked at the effect that most power plants does to the environment, they seek to be the solution to the world by encouraging the production and usage of green energy.

SAFE HAVEN is listed on Oceanex! This is big!!!

Safe Haven made a big decision- to be listed on Oceanex. Oceanex is a smart trading platform with Artificial Intelligence to help traders. The Artificial Intelligence studies the trading pattern of each user to give them suggestion subsequently. Trading is easy on Oceanex.

Personal Data Security Via Internet of Value Omniledger(IOVO)

Internet of Value Omniledger is a platform that wishes to protect the private or personal data of its users through the blockchain technology while incentivizing them for the data they choose to reveal. IOVO is built on Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) with the implementation of Proof of Value (PoV) which is a modification of Proof of Stake (PoS) implementation.

Multibuy: Setting a New Pace for Loyalty Reward through Blockchain Technology and ICO

Multibuy is bringing its services on the blockchain as it wishes to provide its services to more people all over the world. Since the blockchain has the advantages of security, transparency and cutting costs, it is only reasonable for Multibuy to bring it services on the blockchain.

Arbolet: Driving Cryptocurrency Education to the Ends of the World

Hits: 3038Arbolet is a platform that is focusing on awareness and education of its community about the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.  The platform is bigger than just an…

Artificial Intelligence, Cryptocurrency Trading and Portfolio- AiBB

Hits: 464Artificial Intelligence has been seen to be man’s greatest aid for ages now. Through the AiBB application, trades can be done at the best market price. This is…

AiBB: AI Crypto Portfolio

Hits: 672AiBB is bringing in artificial intelligence to ease work for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders who wish to be on top of their games not missing any updates,…

ICOVO: The World’s First ICO Platform Implementing DAICO

Hits: 730ICOVO is a platform that wishes to bring back the lost value of ICOs by helping to secure investors through different means. ICOVO will help to involve the…

Charity on the Blockchain: Humancoin

Hits: 624Charity… Charity has been seen to be one of the marks of a good person in the human race. Many wish to be seen as good so they…

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