Decentralization, Bitcoin, and Digibyte

Hits: 233What really does decentralization mean to me? Well, my brother told me sometimes, you will only appreciate the light because of the darkness and it is true. We’ll…

Why you should use a VPN for cryptocurrency trading

Hits: 1020Cryptocurrencies are encrypted, but that’s not to say that the market is necessarily safe to navigate. Reported cases of hackers stealing wallet keys and/ or directly from wallets are…

Stock/ Equity Market experiences the Blockchain Technology Firsthand without creating a Cryptocurrency for each asset.

Hits: 302CryptoCurrency and the Stock Market One of the biggest development in the stock market is the integration of blockchain technology. We now see stocks, or ETFs that are…

BCNEX exchange security

Why will I Recommend any Crypto Exchange if not for Security? $50 Airdrop inside!!!

One of the major things I consider using an exchange is first and foremost its security. Any cryptocurrency exchange today that has not put the security of funds of its users as number one is not worthy of recognition. Cryptocurrency Exchanges are ranked according to their market volume.

A blockchain technology that Rewards both The Rich and the Poor is worth Paying Rapt Attention to: EDC

Hits: 658 ‘Work so hard so that your work will continue to work for you when you cannot work again’ Seem to be the motivation of the community members…

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