Blockchain Consensus in Simple Words with an Interesting Illustration

Hits: 113Today we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular consensus models that are in play on different blockchain today. In a previous article, I explained…

digital gold blockchain

Gold-Backed Blockchain-Based Tokens: Digital Gold- 3 Industries in 1

Hits: 170 Digital Gold Ltd. combined the solutions to these three challenges and made them into a solid solution – The Gold token. The Gold Token is a Gold-backed stable…

digibyte decentralization

Digibyte: A mentor in Decentralization

Hits: 371 Digibyte has shown Decentralization on all sides. From its algorithm and organization, you can grasp more what decentralization is all about. Decentralization in Nature Cut a flatworm…

content creation payable in edc

I will write High Quality, SEO’ed Content for you or your company. 5usd promo for EDC community Included!!!

Hits: 191 For this great promo period, I am opening the door of opportunity to a few first EDC community members who are interested in telling their stories as…

EDC blockchain

EDC community: Stay Strong and Don’t Chicken out!

Hits: 153Hey EDC Community  How has it been guys? It’s been months since I have penned anything down concerning EDC Blockchain but that doesn’t mean I am not active,…

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